Living in the life of a Police Officer

I really didn’t think that this would be one of my first posts on a blog that is supposed to be about ways I’ve learned to save time and money. But technically this relates in a roundabout way because my husband has chosen to be a police officer which involves putting in a lot more time and effort than comes out in a paycheck. The main reason I am writing this is after the tragedy that happened last weekend, where two police officers died in a car accident and it sure got me thinking. I don’t know why this story has touched me so much, especially when i didn’t know either of them. One of the police officers had worked on the same force as my husband for a short while, otherwise i knew nothing about them. But the story hit me so hard because I complain, a lot. Being married to a police officer is definitely not easy and our life is far from normal. My husband has been on 2nd and 3rd shift and there has been pros and cons to both. Without getting into much detail, I complain about both. My husband has to sleep all day, my husband got hung up at the PD and was home 2 hours late, my husband has to go cover someone’s shift and i haven’t seen him in three days, my husband was supposed to have off a whole day and now has to go to a funeral so I don’t get anytime with him and my plans won’t work. I catch myself complaining to myself, to others, and to my husband about how unfair and annoying living in the life of a police officer can be. But then two police officers are killed on the job and i halt in my steps. Here I am complaining about a few extra hours here and there I don’t get him(which are paid so even less of a reason to complain) but my police officer comes home. Doesn’t matter what time, if I see him or not, to this day, every time Kyle has gone to work he has come home. Two families can’t say the same things about their love ones. I pray all the time that I never have to go through tpolice academyhat heart wrenching agony of losing my police officer just trying to do his job. In the day and age we live in where being a police officer has become so dangerous and spotlighted profession, it makes you worry a tad more that something terrible could happen to him. So instead of complaining about my husband not having the greatest schedule and the millions of other things I complain about that come with the job, I hope to remember that every night, thus far, my police officer has come home. I am so thankful for what him and the rest of the men and women do everyday to protect and serve our communities.

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