Wyatt’s One Month Update

What a fast month!! Wyatt has grown so much and changed way too quickly. We are trying to get the hang of this parenting thing, and thankfully Wyatt is pretty forgiving. Kyle having off two and a half weeks of paid paternity leave was such a blessing! It was so nice to have him around and helping me that first week, and then he went and worked construction the second week but at least he was around and able to help me at night when he got home. We also loved having him off for the holidays which doesn’t usually happen so we enjoyed it!

We are pretty sure that Wyatt is almost 12 lbs and has then gained almost 4 pounds since birth which makes me happy! He is great at nursing and definitely has a big appetite. He’s barely fitting in his newborn outfits and is moving into 0-3 months. He seems to be getting longer and longer but he’s still got short legs.

He sleeps pretty great at night and we usually get 3-3.5 hour stretches and sometimes even get 4-5 hours. He is a party animal and doesn’t like to go to bed until 11 or later but likes to sleep in til around 10 so that makes it do able.

Wyatt rolled over at 2 1/2 weeks from his stomach to his back. It’s crazy he did it so soon but he gets mad about being on his stomach and then rolls over. He is getting really good at holding his head up and he will put all his weight on his legs. Definitely a strong little boy!

Sarge has been so great with Wyatt and having less attention. He loves to look after Wyatt and always has to know where he is. Wyatt sleeps right through his daily barking at the mailman and Wyatt isn’t bugged by him. Sarge loves when Wyatt goes to bed and he gets the full attention and definitely misses going with me for our weekly grocery runs.

Here is a little photo dump of Wyatt’s first month with us:



We love you so much Wyatt and this last month has been the best one ever having you here!

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