Wyatt’s 3 month update

Time is such a thief and Wyatt needs to stop growing, this momma’s heart can’t take her baby slipping away! I feel like you are starting to get the hang of life buddy and you are just so happy and content all the time and it sure makes me feel good! You hardly cry anymore and you are enjoying the routine that mom being back at works brings.

In the morning when you wake up you seriously smile the whole time we are getting ready. It always starts my morning on a great note! Recently I had you look at yourself and me in front of a mirror and man did that bring the smiles too! You love being talked to and getting attention (first child problems) and could chat mommy’s ear off. I love it, your dad isn’t going to know what to do with two chatterboxes in one house!

wyatt morning smile
Seriously who smiles like this when they are woken up at 5:30!?!

You’re becoming so much more aware of your surroundings and enjoy watching the movement on tv and watching your puppy move around you. Your neck is getting so much stronger and in the middle of the night your rolled from your back to your stomach… nearly gave me a heart attack! You still have gorgeous chubby cheeks, but you are really lengthening out so it doesn’t seem that you are getting chubbier. You still only poop 2 times a week max, which people continue to tell me is normal though I don’t know where all the milk goes!

You are so easy to take wherever we are going and are always on your best behavior. We can’t complain that we don’t have to change our plans much just because we have a baby. Mom has dragged you to two of your Aunts 10 + hour volleyball tournaments, full days shopping in Des Moines, PC state championships and you take them like a champ.

You’ve been at daycare for a month now and man it makes this mommy’s heart happy how much they love you there! I was so nervous about sending you to daycare but they are awesome and always excited to see you! They can’t get over how much you smile and even though you aren’t the best napper, they say it never makes you cranky. You are however getting better at napping for them which eases my worry. You are also tuckered out every day when you get home and can barely hang on until 7.  You have become the center of our attention Wyatt and we love you so much!




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