2018 Goals

You can start goals at the beginning of March right? I have been trying to implement some things in to my life and thought I could use a little accountability by writing the things down and at the end of the year see if I have done them….so here we go!


  1. On the Phone Less – me and my husband are just on our phones wasting time way too much plain and simple. We are trying to implement not being on it until Wyatt goes to bed at 7. I am hoping to work on less on the weekends, not after 9, and really trying to find anything else to do but be on my phone. We are just wasting too much time and using lame excuses so it needs to change.
  2. Start a garden – I have been wanting a garden of my own since I moved out of the house. I always grew up helping my dad garden. It looks like we are going to buy some land this year so a garden (and fruit trees/bushes) are at the top of my list! It will probably be a year of a lot of learning but excited for it!
  3. Read more books – I go through bad periods and good periods of reading/listening to books. hoping to become more consistent
  4. Better at devotions – I have come a long ways, and then sometimes just fall on to the lazy train. I am there right now but hoping to pick it back up with praying journaling, inductive Bible study
  5. New recipes – I enjoy cooking so much, but with a full time job, growing a baby, and chasing a toddler…it’s not always up to my own standards(and when I’m pregnant I LOVE fast food). Wanting to turn this around and bake/cook more eat out very minimally, and make more homemade foods for us. and spend less on food
  6. Better at keeping my house clean – This skill just goes out the window the second I get pregnant I swear. the goal is to work through it and be better this pregnancy and try to keep up on dishes, laundry, etc. But I will always use the excuse that I would be a lot better at dishes if I had a dishwasher and a garbage disposal!!
  7. simplifying and organizing – I feel like I used to be so dang organized, but I am just in such a slump that during the week we are holding on for dear life, and when it is the weekend I am just trying to keep things running smooth and not going over and beyond. The goal is to get everything organized and get rid of any excess so that when we move, we aren’t sorting through stuff.


I hope to be able to look back at this at the end of the year and feel like I did really implement a few of these in my life. 2018 is looking like it is going to be quite the year, so we will see how life plays out.

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