Omaha – 2018

We went to Omaha with Kyle’s sister Heather and husband Matt and our nieces Molly, Hazel, & Maggie at the beginning of Memorial day weekend. We took off early on Friday so that we could get there when the zoo opened.

we brought our own little monkey who wanted to walk around everywhere


love these kiddos so much



Wyatt loved seeing all the animals


probably one of the last pictures as a family of 3


Hazel loves her Wyee



The splashpad was a HUGE hit. Wyatt smiled and giggled the whole time


was not scared of the water one bit and the fountains hitting him in the face






worn out kiddos meant the adults could enjoy the zoo and not chasing these boogers


can’t really tell but a Gorilla was standing on top of the viewing dome


The zoo went really well just with the weather being so hot at 97 degrees. we took on half the zoo then went to the cars to eat lunch and cool down in the air conditioning. we then took on the second half and that is when we went to the splashpad which was an awesome way to cool down before taking on a few more non airconditioning exhibits which was just plain hot. we rounded out the zoo with the air conditioned exhibits which really helped. around 4:30 we headed for our hotel and got all situated there and headed right for the pool.

Wyatt Wayne is still our waterbug and loved playing in there and sitting on the lily pad and running under the waterfall. But nothing compared for him to going down the big slide with his daddy. he could have done that all day and night. he always had the biggest smile on his face, he is just too much fun! We ended the night with some casey’s pizza in the hotel room.



The next morning we had an awesome breakfast at the hotel and then headed right back to the pool. instead of going to the Coco Key Resort that we had planned on, we just swam at our hotel and when we had to check out at noon we headed to Texas Roadhouse and did some shopping at the stores near it. we made the quick trip back home and came to Oskaloosa at about 5 and finished off with some frosty udder ice cream before heading home. I think the kiddos had a great time and it was just such good family time.  Can’t believe how fast these kiddos are growing!

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