Duke – 1 year

Can’t believe I am writing this post. Why do these babies grow so dang fast. This year has been one the toughest and best years of my life. I always hate that cliché that people use to describe a year but it’s true. You were not the easiest of babies like your brother, I dealt with anxiety and overwhelm of taking care of two small boys when my husband works a lot of weird hours and I have a full time job, and we had the stress of preparing and building a house in your first year of life. Yet it was the best year because I have been blessed with two boys I got to watch grow all year, we had so many good memories, and we are getting to build the house you will grow up in.

You are now just starting to say some words like dada, hey and bye. You sign more because you know exactly what we are talking about, lots of clapping, sign all done really well and you know So Big. You give big kisses and it’s the sweetest thing.

Could easily walk but too much of a scaredy cat. Walk along all the furniture and will even stand by yourself but won’t take steps. Extremely fast crawler and will crawl so fast when we come into the room and you want to see us. Also love when daddy chases you  and you crawl away

likes water out of a bottle, getting the sippy cup down because you like the whole milk or apple juice, also very good at stealing your brothers 😉 You love all food except for green beans, toast and blueberries are favorites but you don’t turn down much.

Waking up a little more again lately which I am not sure why, but you are an excellent napper and taking around a 1.5 hour morning nap and two hour afternoon nap and still always ready for bedtime at 7. Still do pretty great though staying up late as that’s how it goes during the summer when we are up to things!

Doesn’t like to be tied down and wants to roam– especially at new house, Okay with the pool if you can crawl around or if mom is holding you. You like the water table and roaming around in the grass. you love being outside and watching cars go by. Love the water table and playing in it. love driving your cars and tractors around the house, love stealing your brothers toys, and are starting to play with him. He loves the heck out of you and you two are the sweetest little brothers and I think will be really good friends playing together.

You wear size 9-12 months in stuff. your skinny butt is in 6-9 months and your big feet are in size 4 shoes. wear size 4 diapers and doctor stats are: 19lbs 5 ounces which puts you at 6%, 29 1/2″ which is 41%, and of course head at 99% 🙂

We love you SO much and watching you grow and change and the joy that you bring us! Can’t wait for the next year, you’re the best Duke Mitchell De Ronde! Love you!!


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