Building Our Forever Home – Part 7 – August 2019

D65BDDEF-CB1E-47A6-A99A-D62767D4DBEA.jpegAugust 1: I primed and painted the retaining walls with the help of Lake and Dean

August 2:  Kyle and I finished house wrap on two sides and Kyle picked up the windows

August 3: Kyle Ryan and Derek finished up the house wrap and got half of the windows installed!

August 5: Kyle and Brent finished getting all the windows in

August 7: Had a lot of friends come visit the house after the Boender supper, Marty also did a ton of dirtwork on the west side of house

August 8: Kyle worked on Soffit and Fascia on his day off

August 10: More soffit/fascia

August 14: Derek came and helped Kyle with soffit/fascia

August 15: Kyle walked through house with HVAC guys and got them all squared away, Kyle and me worked on North side of the house soffit and fascia.

August 16: Kyle worked on west side of the house soffit/fascia

August 20: Kyle worked on interior walls for the bathroom, closet, master bedroom, master bath, and mudroom. I got kitchen cabinets figured out for downstairs, got tile for half bath

August 23/24: Kyle and Rusty built upstairs walls for bedrooms, bathroom and closets

August 26: Kyle and Rusty started on stairs after Kyle got more wood, I went to menards and got landscaping block for around the mailbox

August 28: Kyle got the steps upstairs finished

August 29: Kyle got the downstairs steps finished, Rusty got the plumbing supplies

August 30: Meredith wen to the Amish guy and brought him everything he needed to make our cabinets and got it all finalized. Rusty kept working on plumbing and Kyle worked on the stairs and our master bedroom closet until noon.

August 31: Meredith and Wyatt cleaned up the house


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