2020 Books – Part 1

I always did these book hauls so I could look back someday and see all the books that I read. Then I found Goodreads and my life has been changed. Love keeping all the books i’ve read and want to read in one place. still like writing out what I thought about each book to look back on in case anyone ever wants to know my feelings about one.

books 2020

The Home Edit – Clea Shearer

Very very helpful book. So enjoyable to read and look at all the pictures and it was just so peaceful if that makes sense 🙂 I loved how she gave you tons of examples of storage no matter the bathroom/bedroom set up and this made me a label queen.

A Beautiful Mess: Happy Handmade Home – Elise Larson

I really like their blog so thought I would check out this book. It was okay but a lot of the crafts were just not ones that I would make and I am glad I got on Thriftbooks because I may look back at one or two things but a lot of it wasn’t my style.

Totally Money Makeover – Dave Ramsey

It was nice to be refreshed in budget friendly way of thinking. I already knew most but sometimes it is nice to listen to books like this and get the fire back under your butt to keep on with being smart with your money. Just listened to it while working in two afternoons

The Road Back to You – Ian Morgan Cron

Wow I am so glad I finally took the time to read this book. I had been into the enneagram for quite awhile and saw everywhere that I needed to read it but wow it was on a whle new level. I felt SO exposed reading it and that someone knew exactly how I thought even the deep down stuff. it was so helpful to see how others think and how different it is and I liked the part about the subcategories and where you go when you are healthy or unhealthy.

A Little Salty to Cut the Sweet – Sophie Hudson

I have listend to the Big Boo podcast for a few years and read all of Melanie’s books, so I thought I would get started on Sophie’s. Man I just LOVE southern woman telling hilarious

Chip on my Shoulder – Victoria Newman

Such a great read for a police wife. Sometimes it is so hard when no one understands your different lifestyle so it is nice to read someone talk about it and nod along the whole time. And just give you ideas on how to survive the hard seasons and how to make it better.

On the Bright Side – Melanie Shankle

Her new book that came out. it was great as usual, i feel like i have heard a lot of her stories tho so it wasn’t AS good as her first ones but still funny and i just love the way she writes.

Home is Where my people are – Sophie Hudson

Another one of hers listened to and just as stinking funny as the first. they all kind of run together when it comes to the stories but new hilarious stories!

Giddy Up Eunice – Sophie Hudson

This one was different than the other two and was pulling woman of the Bible stories and kind of elaborating on them and relating them to our time. Didnt really agree with everything but still enjoyed.

Martha Stewarts Organizing – Martha Stewart

Her first book ( that I’ve read i know she has hundreds) was so life changing and helpful and an amazing resource that I just HAD to get this one too. This one was choked FULL of info and i read it right in the middle of moving so I kind of want to reread when life slows down a little bit but HIGHLY recommended. So many tips!

Lean Out – Marissa Orr

So glad I read this one before reading Lean In that i was planning to. This was pretty much a rebuttal to Cheryl Sandberg’s book and I think I would not have enjoyed Lean in becuase i wouldnt have agreed with the progressive look at feminism that I just don’t agree with. I agreed with SO much that Melissa had to say, loved her point of view, and just really took away how SO many amazing workers are lost to promotions, something me and my husband talk about often. Got a little redundant but super interesting.

Open Book – Jessica Simpson

Didn’t really know much about her before I began reading but interesting to read about her life and how she got to the point she is. However I thought it was good and couldn’t put it down and learned a lot about her that I didn’t know.

Ball Blue Book of Canning 

SO helpful. Will refer back to a million times when canning and gave me tons more recipes to try on some of the things I am growing in my garden but haven’t canned before. Must buy for canners.

Canning for a New Generation – Liana Krissoff

My SIL had this book and I looked thorugh and found some interesting recipes so i bought off Thriftbooks and dived in. A ton were out of my comfort zone but still found a lot of new ones to try and enjoyed reading and opening my eyes to all the possibilites out there.

Magnolia Table Volume 2 – Joanna Gaines

Last of the cookbooks…. for now. I truly thought some of the recipes were better than the first! Love this one so much and so many to try. Joanna can do no wrong.

The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up – Marie Kondo

Audio listened to this one and glad i didnt take the time to read. very interesting hearing her perspective and i already knew most from hearing about it and watching her netflix. Personally not the way i want to tidy up but still good ideas.

Floret Farm A Year In Flowers – Erin Benzakein

Great book, not as good as the first just because at the moment I am not arranging flowers and she made it out to be totally for the home gardener which I am not sure I agree but still gorgeous pictures and tons of knowledge.

Sisters First – Jenna Hager & Barbara Bush

Had kind of stopped reading there for awhile so it was nice to pick this one up and read an actual book/memoir not a self help/cookbook. Love these girls and just an interesting look into growing up for them that was so much different in ways than our life. Flew through it






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