Wyatt Wayne – 4 Years Old

How can we have a 4 year old in this house!? While it seems like forever since you were born, and you definitely act like a 4 year old, I am just not ready to no longer have you be a baby or a toddler and officially a little boy.!

You are such a light to our life and keep us on our toes at all times! So many comment on your personality and how you are always smiling. We usually hear you look like your daddy, and you definitely have missed not being able to go places in 2020 because of COVID. You are such an amazing big brother to Duke and he is truly your best friend. You guys do everything together and you are always asking him to help you with things or to come along. You are so interested in your baby sibling that is coming soon and i can’t wait to see you hold them and help out with them. You love giving mommy’s tummy kisses, feeling the baby kick and putting your stuffed puppy on her belly for the baby.

You are usually a very good eater, can destroy 4 waffles at breakfast, or 4 eggs, and pretty much anything for breakfast you are eating a ton. Just now starting to eat PB&J sandwiches, love Mac n cheese, cottage cheese, granola bars, apples with caramels, steak, potatoes, and sometimes doesnt eat as well for his last meal of the day. But loves popcorn at night and obviously love candy… oops! Sleep wise you are still taking a nap 5 days a week for 2+ hours, you usually go to sleep around 9 and are up and ready to roll around 7. You refuse to wear anything but underwear when you are sleeping, and most of the day just go around in underwear because i can not keep clothes on you.

Your are so incredibly smart and love to come up with inventions, play with magna tiles, combine your “field” (rug) with your semi to collect the grain, You love reading books, playing out in the dirt pile with all your machinery, you were a swim bug this summer as long as you could touch the bottom of the pool, you will color but are very particular about it and don’t want to go out of the lines. You are loving playdoh and getting into crafts. You are VERY ready to go to Preschool and you can’t wait to go to your school in August.

SO many one liners you are just so dang hilarious. You talk our ears off all day long, ask tons of questions, always have your input, boss mom around, are very good at working a conversation into your favor. Clothing wise you are starting to wear 4T shirts, still in 3T pants because of that skinny butt, and wearing size 9 shoes. At your well check up you weighed ***, were *** tall,

You got to start Sunday School this year and you are really liking it! Every once in a while you say that you don’t want to go, and you usually won’t tell me anything about your class. However you are learning Fishers of Men, singing happy birthday to Jesus, you tell us about your craft you make and usually know what your story was about, we are so proud of you! And you sit very well during church these days. You also know the Lord’s Prayer very well and can say it all by yourself and are good at closing your eyes and folding your hands too.

You are such a little social butterfly and love seeing all your friends, cousins, and grandparents. You havent been a fan of 2020 and having to stay home so much more than usual and not being able to go into stores. Mom started staying home a month ago and you miss Crystal’s and don’t love having no where to go and ask every day what we are going to do.

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