Betsey Lou De Ronde

I can’t even begin to say how grateful we are to have our 3rd child here and healthy. What a story SHE has! I still can’t even believe I have a little girl. Kyle knew since the ultrasound that it was a girl and never once said anything or let it slip to me so i had no idea. But out little Betsey Lou made her arrival early on Christmas Eve with quite the wild ride.

Dad drove 90 mph to the hosptial and mom was on her last day of Covid quarantine so you were delivered in a med-surg room. Doctor hellbusch barely made it there before you came and the nurses kept telling mom not to push. Oh and did I mention there was not time to get my epidural? Mom wasn’t impressed about that.

You came the day before your due date and were 7 lbs and 14 oz and 20 1/2 inches long. Longer than your brothers and only an ounce smaller than Wyatt. You have the most gorgeous black hair and all the heartburn was worth it! Because of Covid no visitors were allowed and mom and dad were just fine with the quiet.

You were perfectly healthy and we had a quiet stay in the hospital after a pretty smooth pregnancy. We are so obsessed with you and you are such a cuddle bug. We spent Christmas day in the hospital and watched your brothers open Christmas presents on facetime and then we packed up and headed home to a quiet house since Betsey couldn’t go to the nursery at night.

The boys stayed at Nana and Papa’s house and then came home the next morning. They are loving you and love to hold you, give you kisses on the head, and let us know when you are crying. We are feeling so dang blessed this Christmas and settling in to a family of 5.

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