Easter 2021

We ended up with the most gorgeous Easter this year! It was 80 degrees and sunny and it was Betsey’s first one! The boys wore what they will be wearing to Mo’s wedding and Betsey got her first Easter dress! And it was so warm she didn’t even need the cardigan.

The boys came down to their Easter baskets and were thrilled with what was in them. Swimsuits, beach towels, pool toys, googles, nerf ball guns. Betsey got sunglasses and a swim diaper.

We got ready for church and had a beautiful service there.

After church we ran home and got our clothes changed and headed off to Grammy De Ronde’s for Easter Lunch. We sat outside since it was so gorgeous, had an easter egg hunt, and played on the front driveway and Mom and Dad beat Lake and Dean in PIG. Such a perfect day and we ended it with a Ranger ride!

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