Betsey – 9 months

Betsey girl!! Wow have you changed a ton this month we can’t even keep up with you! You are so determined, get what you want and let us know if you are stuck.

Sleep – you are FINALLY changed to your crib! you kept sitting up in the rock n play and even fell out once so that had to change. you are getting the hang of the crib and like being able to sleep on your side/tummy. still need a pillow to wedge you, just stinks for mom and dad to have to go up so many stairs when you wake in the middle of the night for bottles or lost pacis…. we are still getting up plenty with you. your napping has changed to be less predictable and have seemed shorter which isn’t good because you refuse a 3rd nap now so sometimes you are going to bed at 6:30 but usual bedtime of 7 and i would say you wake up around 7 too.

Eating – eat absolutely everything and anything we will give you. You LOVE our ice cream cones, blueberries, yogurt, toast, pretty much anything. however you do not like cottage cheese, already think you are too big for baby food, Got 3 teeth in one day… poor girl! but man does that make her ready for eating food and using them!

Development – girlfriend you are crazy. you have a weird crawl where you drag the leg but it doesn’t stop you at all from getting anywhere FAST. you are quick and quiet. You pull yourself up everything! and then cant get down. every toy, in your bed, on mom and dad. you never sit still. You can stand by yourself too and loving being in the walker outside on the concrete. You LOVE playing with your brothers and are happiest if you all three are playing in the living room together. Whenever her daddy holds her in his arm she does the cutest little one leg kicking thing.

You are in a size 3 diaper full time now, wearing 6 months and 6-9 tho I try to smash you into a 3-6 every once in awhile. At your doctors appt you were 75 % for height, 49% for weight (which is WAY bigger than your brothers!) and of course 99% for head size because that is how we do in this house

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