Betsey – 10 months

Everything still goes in the mouth and I spend my whole day digging things out. Can easily climb up all the stairs and if left in the living room she sprints over to it. Has figured out how to et around the bench that I put in front of it. Now stands in her high chair and was caught once trying to get the remote off of the table next to the high chair. She wants to be roaming and free all the time. doesn’t like being stuck in one room or put in the exersaucer. She loves and adores her brothers and wants to be playing with them, runs around in her walker outside. LOVES riding the boys 4 wheeler and playing downstairs. Still crawls weird and is all over the place so fast.

Sleeping has actually got a LOT better!! She has slept through the night a few nights, goes longer stretches, and even sleeps in some times. naps pretty decent, maybe not as good as her brothers at this age length wise. but she gets her two naps everyday! She has seemed a little clingy/cranky at the end of the month i am wondering if she is getting teeth.

Foodwise she is a monster. her favorite thing is peaches and she wants whatever we are eating and will grab at it so fast. she does not like eggs or yogurt bites. Is figuring out a sippy cup really well and drinks her bottles just before going down to sleep only.

wearing 6-9 and 9 months clothing. need to get some more bigger pajamas out because she is so long. love dressing her up and she has been wearing shoes a lot too. hair is getting very long and growing well and consitent everywhere and ive trimmed it a little so it is uniform. still leaves her bows in which is awesome! her eyes are turning more of a green/brown, and her hair is still a light brown.

You are starting to put your hands out to be held, shake your head no, clap when you get disciplined, always jabbering, and your brothers love to pick you up and carry you where they want you. You love baby dolls and giving them hugs and snuggles already! you bring SO much joy to us and we are all loving our Betsey Lou girl. Your dad is obsessed and smitten with you and very worried about that strong personality when you get bigger!

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