Faye – 1 month

What a month!! It feels like you’ve been here forever and we don’t know a life without you!

Definitely our sleepiest baby which I am not complaining about at all! you take great long naps everywhere. not near as awake all the time as your other siblings. you do long awake stretches but then other between feedings you sleep the whole time. love sleeping in the mamaroo, the wrap, on mommy, or on our bed. At night you sleep in the rock n play and do pretty great usually waking up at 1:30-2 and 5.

You are a fabulous nurser, haven’t had a problem from the start. You aren’t really taking a bottle yet so i need to start working on that. don’t really use a paci but at the end of the month got a lot better at it but dont need it while sleeping which is wonderful actually. You don’t spit up, barely ever struggle with gas and when you do you are able to get it out pretty easily.

Already growing out of newborn sleepers because you are so long. done with newborn diapers by 3.5 weeks. I would say your hair is getting lighter, have baby acne right now. Still very long, we say you look most like Wyatt as a baby but still have your own look.

The chillest baby we have ever have. love to just lay on the floor content and look around, making great eye contact. Quite the grunter in your sleep. got baptized at 3 weeks old. Also had your first Tulip Time and slept through the whole baby parade. get dragged to every one of your siblings games but always do great! Very well loved by ALL of your siblings and i always have plenty of help holding you, burping you, and needing to see you when they walk into a room. Rolling over at like 7 days old. Love being in the shower with mom and always another sibling in there too to play with you.

We are all just so in love with you and mommy is really soaking up this newborn phase as it is one of her favorite and you are such a great baby! We have been beyond spoiled by our people with tons of freezer meals and cute outfits.

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