Shopping Trip – Finds

Victoria’s Secret

This store is no doubt an expensive place, but they truly have the best coupon and rewards. Once a month I get a flyer in the mail that gives me a free panty and a free 10 dollars off a bra. I don’t even remember the last time I’ve bought underwear because i get the possibility of 12 free ones a year from them! The best part about Victoria’s Secret is that they let you use coupons on top of coupons and coupons on top of promotions. My best haul ever there I think was 124 dollars worth of merchandise for 42 dollars! This time particularly they had a promotion on the T-shirt style bra that you could get a bra and matching underwear for $35. Already a great deal when the bra is typically $39.50 and the underwear $10.50, but on top of that they let me use my $10 dollar off coupon towards it. I then was able to get another free underwear with my coupon so I ended up leaving with $60.50 worth or merchandise for $25.

Old Navy

While I used to never like the idea of lots of credit cards, if you are one like I am who pays off the whole bill when it comes, individual stores credit cards are a great idea. Companies are getting so much better about their rewards actually being coupons, and dollars off instead of just points you build up and don’t get anything out of. Another reason why I recommend this card, is they will often have a select few products that if you pay for them on this card you get a large percent off (usually 25-40) otherwise you would pay regular price. In this shopping trip, I had 25 free dollars or rewards from using the card to spend, I got a Chicago Cubs tank top that had the exclusive card had 40 percent off and ended up getting that for 12 dollars. Another tip with Old Navy is that they always put their current season clothes on sale only about a month or two after the season starts. So I got a light cream cardigan that was regularly $19.95 but was marked at $10.99 and had an additional percentage off and ended up getting it for $7.25. Such a steal for a cardigan that can be wore 8 months of the year.


While I don’t always give into the name on the brand, I am usually a sucker for having to have Nike or Under Armour workout clothes and tennis shoes. Thankfully the Outlet mall that we shop at frequently has both stores. While their stuff can still be expensive there, looking for the deal among deals is very possible. Every year for probably the last 6 years I have got a new pair of Nike shoes there ranging from 20-40 dollars and never more than that. Also their clearance rack can be full of junk to things priced down a dollar from original price. But when you find something you like at a decent price, their clearance rack almost always has an extra percentage off the lowest marked price which is a great feeling at the register. This particular trip I got an Iowa Hawkeyes sweatshirt that I had wanted because my sister had got it here the time before. Best part about it was with a regular price of $49.95 and my sister getting it for 15 dollars about a month ago, I ended up getting it for $7.50. I also got a white workout shirt that was on the clearance rack and was usually  $22 but I got it for $4.95


My last big deal of the day came at Columbia where I had been looking for a light jacket because I am often cold in my office. I don’t shop at this store often so I had no coupons or credit cards going in, but they were having a semi-annual sale and everything in the store was a percentage off starting at 20% or higher. I ended up getting a jacket that was usually $32 for $22 which wasn’t a steal by any means, but it was a good deal for something I probably would have bought either way.

I had some other good finds and bought a few more things on the trip but nothing extreme. I’ve found that over time I have got better about only buying things I need and sometime you just need things that are not on sale. It was still a good haul and fun day with my sister!

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