Blog Changes

It’s been way too long since my last post, but for good reason! At first this was just going to be a blog about ways to save money, live well within your means, and have money leftover to spend and use wisely. And it still will be! But there is so much more to life than money ( can’t believe I said that because I often let money rule my life way too much) and I want this to be a place that will capture that too. Another reason I probably want the blog to shift a bit is because of a big life change….

I’m pregnant! We are expecting a little miracle in December. While not planned, we are more than excited to welcome this addition and hope our birthday boy below is ready to a brother and no longer an only child!

1st birthday.PNG

Because this baby came earlier than planned, I already feel so behind on the saving game and have had some worrisome days wondering how we are going to make this work. We had hoped for a year or two more of saving, buying/building a house, getting that nice vehicle, and a few more trips out of the way. All just selfish things that aren’t a big deal at all and we completely are financially ready for this baby!

With all that being said, we are past the worry and are extremely excited to bring this baby into our lives. I’ve started right away pinteresting baby everything, talking to sister-in-laws, and reading books to get ready for this child! The lists have begun, advice on what you need/don’t need have been taken to heart, and I am ready to get acclimated for this new one without hurting our budget.

I plan to write the lists of my things to do before baby, advice my sister in laws gave me about common baby items to spend on and forget, freezer meal recipes I’ll be making, and of course all the ways I was able to save money on one time/daily items needed for this baby!


(just told my coworkers and instead of chocolate chip cookies, we went
with chocolate chip cookie dough cupcakes!)

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