Target Baby Registry

This is definitely not a sponsored post, but I just can’t get enough of all the benefits to the Baby Target Registry that I had to share and anyone having their first baby soon should definitely take advantage of this!

I started mine online, and then headed to the store with a friend to start our registries because we are having babies a day apart! One thing to keep in mind these days registry-with-ktis that Target doesn’t have near the selection in stores as they do online. They have so many options online, and with Target having free shipping and 5% off all purchases with their free Target Debit Card, it’s a no brainer to shop for stuff online and hope that people attending your shower do too.

Here are some of the awesome benefits for this money saving momma to be that i love that come with opening a registry:

  1. Free $20 dollar gift card – I opened my registry and like a week later i got a little catalog in the mail from Target and on the back was a coupon to get a free 20 dollar gift card! I never complain about free money, and so when I went to register in person I brought this and got some maternity clothes with the money
  2. Gift Bag – When you open a registry with them they also give you a gift bag. While sometimes gift bags are junk or nothing really to them, this was far from it! They include a bottle (of the brand i am hoping to use!), a pacifier (will be awesome to find out if my child likes this type before buying), Honest Co. diapers and wipes (just like 2 diapers and 10 wipes but i had wanted to see what all the fuss was about with this company), lotions, diaper rash creams, and loads of other little freebies. I just love these because all babies are different and i love that i will be able to try out products before i buy.
  3. Coupons – Target is so awesome with coupons in the first place, letting you use cartwheel, coupons, get giftcards for buying diapers, and also they gave us tons of coupons in the gift bag from above. The thing I love about that giftbag coupons, is that they don’t expire until 6 months after my due date!! So I have plenty of time to decide on the products that I will use with my child and can still reap the benefits of a few dollars off. Not to mention they put in a starbucks buy one get one free coupon, and for me trying to avoid caffeine/coffee during this pregnancy, I am very ready to splurge 😉
  4. Returns – Target’s usual return policy is 90 days, but with registry items they give you up to a year to return them! This makes me really excited because some of the products i put on my registry i won’t probably use until my child is 6 months, and then if i haven’t opened the product and have the receipt, I can bring it back and get a refund.
  5. Finishing the registry – Love love that Target does this, but when all your showers are over, and you are within 8 weeks of your due date, Target will take an additional 15% off ( plus your 5% Target Card, and possible coupons) everything on the registry. I plan to put on a few of the things I need to buy myself ( nursing bras, milk bags, pumping bra, etc.) on the registry after all the showers so I can get a discount on those items also.

Living an hour away from a Target is definitely a killer for me, but with free shipping and 5% off, it is so often brought to me! Beware though to get some of the awesome deals on diapers using coupons you need to do that in store. As soon as our little kiddo gets here, I know trips to Target will be a treat to stock up on all the essentials

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