Preparing for Baby

Time is just flying too fast and I know with the end of summer and school starting, fall will fly by as always and we will already be to the holidays and baby time! Here is just a few ways so far that me and Kyle have financially prepared and plan to prepare for baby without touching our budget (right away).


I know this isn’t up everyone’s alley, but I seriously love doing it!! My boss is so relax and I pretty much only help her out when she can’t find anyone, but after we found out about baby, I told her I’d start working about once a weekend so I could get money to pay for baby stuff. I love it there and make over 100 bucks a night if not more… totally worth a few hours of my weekend. All the money I’ve been making there is set aside to buy the crib, glider, car seat, and stroller whenever we are ready and the more i add the more baby stuff can be bought and money for a diaper stash without touching my budget.


We definitely didn’t get rid of cable because we were having a baby (believe me I wanted it bad through maternity leave) but every year dish jacks us up from our rock bottom price that my husband negotiates every year. A month before the yearly price increase a lot of our channels were not working, and when Kyle called to get the price back down he couldn’t get it to exactly where he wanted it, and we’d talked about if we couldn’t get it down the 35 bucks we were paying we’d drop it… and he did! With that extra money we won’t be spending on cable, I just pull it out of our account and put it into my baby fund talked about above.

Hand Me Downs

God bless Kyle being a youngest child!! Kyle has two older brothers that both just had their last babies a little over a year ago and both were very ready to get rid of baby stuff. Coming home one lunch break to a breezeway full of baby supplies was the biggest surprise and joy! Not to mention, my one sister-in-law let me borrow all her maternity clothes since we are the same size which meant I didn’t have to go out and buy much except a few basics.


I’ve grown up on coupons so that sure is nothing new to me! A few weeks ago I signed up for Pampers, Similac, and other baby product suppliers to get coupons in the mail and deals by email. I haven’t bought a large stash of diapers (and don’t plan to because who knows if you will have some given to you, your baby will be allergic to brands, blowouts happen in specific brand etc.) But I got those emails coming so that I can be on the look out for what is good prices, how much I can get off, so by the time we are in full diaper swing, I am never paying full price for a box and hoping for freebies in the mail too!


This is a program that the Christian Schools in our area offer as a way to reduce tuition. Since me and Kyle find Christian Education to be very important to us, we’ve decided to start saving money on it now! It’s a pretty simple program, you basically buy gift cards and then get anywhere for 2.5 – 15% back on the amount you buy and that is put into an account. Since I only shop for groceries at Fareway and gas at Casey’s, it makes things super simple and it’s a good way to prepare for the future without changing a thing!

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