Baby Steals

I’ve been getting the feel for what I wanted for baby products since the beginning of the second trimester when I started to actually wrap my head around the thought of a baby coming into our lives in a few months. At about 20 weeks I started to watch the prices of the products that I wanted on multiple sites, and now I am in the buying stage when I see it hit the lowest price I have ever seen. Here are just a few of the products:

Carseat/Stroller: Britax 2016 B-Agile/B-Safe 35 Travel System


I did some research on car seats and this was one of the top three out there and I loved the all black look. It wasn’t the cheapest model, but when it is something that will be used everyday for hopefully multiple children and was keeping them safe, money didn’t matter. This set retailed at $439.99 and I decided to get them together for the package deal and so I knew they were compatible. I watched, Target, Amazon, Britax, Buy Buy Baby, and Walmart for the cheapest price I could get for about 10 weeks. I easily saw the price go down at many of the places to $349.99 so I knew that was a decent price. However, my buying price ended up being $316.79. I actually got it from Buy Buy Baby which was having a sale on the car seat for $395.99. That definitely wasn’t the bottom price I had seen, but it was the bottom price I had seen at Buy Buy Baby. They had sent me a 20% off a single item coupon in the mail which brought the price down to $316.79 and I knew I wouldn’t be able to get coupons like that on the stores that had the price drop to $350, so I pounced on the deal and ended up saving $123 on my stroller and car seat combo.

Glider: Delta Children Benbridge Upholstered Glider


I had seen this glider at Target for $300 and just loved it. I knew I totally did not need a fancy glider like this, but I knew how much I’d love snuggling my little one in this recliner like chair over a rocking chair. I justified getting it because I’d be making the money to pay for it with my waitressing job so splurging a little was okay! I knew my dutch self still couldn’t pay $300 dollars for it, so I started watching for sales on it at Target and Amazon. I had found it on Amazon for $240 which was already 60 bucks cheaper. Then I saw the price just continue to drop on Amazon until it hit $205. I knew that I didn’t want to pay more than that now that I’d seen the price drop so far. With that being said, the next week the price shot back up to $240 and I had a little bit of a panic attack but knew to be patient because I still had plenty of time and it would drop again. I went back a week later and the price was $198. I decided to just go for it and got to be a little bit of a scaredy cat which frustrates me, because i saw that the price ended up dropping again to $175. But sometimes you just can’t win the changing price game and have to be content that you saved over $100 dollars on an item you wanted badly.

Dresser :Crown Mark Lawson White Dresser


The dresses was quite the ordeal. I had seen one on someone’s blog and noticed how well it worked for them and how it fit all the baby stuff perfectly, seemed a good height, and the changing mat fit perfectly on it. It was an IKEA dresser and that made me excited because even though they are tough to install, they are usually decent furniture. I went to buy it and found it for $249 which wasn’t awful. I then went to see how much it cost to ship…..$350!!! I couldn’t even believe that was possible. With the closest IKEA being in Kansas City and three hours away I thought I better let go of that dream. I then started searching sites for one that looked like it and I finally settled on one at Homemakers that was almost the exact dimensions and had the same look and purpose. There shipping was minimum $80 but thankfully we have one in Des Moines where we need to go to buy a vehicle in November so I just site-to-store it and we will pick it up free of charge. This dresser ended up being $300 dollars.

Crib: Delta Children Emery 4-in-1 Crib


I found one that I liked at about 4 months pregnant and have had it on my Amazon list since then. The amount has been stubborn the whole entire time it has been on there and hasn’t changed once, so I knew I was good to buy it and not have to worry about the price dropping. I bought it with Amazon Prime so no need to worry about the shipping which is nice. We bought a Delta Children Emery Crib, I had seen good reviews on this brand so we went for it and will see what we think. The price ended up being $189 which was very reasonable for cribs and on the lower side.

All our big purchases are done and were all thankfully paid for with the money I make waitressing at Monarch’s so we didn’t even notice them affecting our bank account!

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