Molly & Hazel’s Fall Pictures

There is nothing better than taking pictures of the people you love so much. I love taking pictures of my growing and changing nieces whenever my sister-in-law asks, and yesterday afternoon we did just that! Nothing beats fall colors and gorgeous sunlight near dusk. dsc_0355-edit

Sweet Miss Hazel Joy has changed SO much since she became one a short month ago. She’s already saying so many words and has gained tons of personality and sass in 30 days. She is such a little girl and a true delight!dsc_0367-editdsc_0368-edit


So much life in Miss Molly’s eyes. This gal gives us a run for our money, can’t believe she will be 3 in less than a month. She is so full of life and happiness you can’t help but smile around her!


Possibly had some meltdowns when it came to taking a picture together, unfortunately this was as good as it gets, even with a tear rolling down the cheek!


Such pretty gals, fabulous outfits, and amazing colors in God’s beautiful creation. Blessed is an understatement when it comes to these chicas!

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