Wyatt Wayne De Ronde

Our lives were forever changed on the wintery morning of December 17! Wyatt Wayne De Ronde made his debut two weeks early at 10:52 AM


The labor and delivery was so fast and everything went so smooth. We were so incredibly blessed for a healthy delivery for you and me. You came out with tons of dark hair and quite the cone head and the biggest cheeks we wanted to eat right up!

Your dad couldn’t believe you were a boy and was SO proud!

You were our little shorty at only 18 3/4 inches though we are wondering if the nurse measured wrong because of the picture of her measuring you your head is past 19 inches(and the fact you were 20 inches at your 6 day apt). I have the rest of your birth details written out and know I will forever treasure going back and reading those. Everyone was so excited to come and meet you!


Your cousins were so proud of you!


Uncle Brett and Aunt Anna
Ole Whitey and Uncle Brett 😉
So many people love you already!


Wyatt we can’t believe you are ours, we are so incredibly blessed! We are so excited to raise you and watch you grow!

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