Wyatt’s First Christmas

Wyatt ended up coming two weeks before he was due, and because of his early appearance he was able to have his first Christmas this year! He was super new, but all of our Christmas’ went great and we were so happy to have him here!


Our first Christmas as a family of three

On Christmas Eve we had the De Ronde Christmas at Grandma Carol’s, three years ago we were holding everyone else’s babies and now we have our own!


Wyatt, to say your dad is proud of you is an understatement!
not so sure what all the hype is about
Cousin Molly just loves “Bay Bee Wyatt”






Every year grandma gets the kiddos matching jammies and she was able to quick pick up some for you too! Welcome to the De Ronde circus Wyatt!!


Grandma got you your first Christmas ornament that I wanted so bad!
can barely tell the De Ronde boys apart in their new masks




Next we had the Fopma family Christmas which was basically a World Series celebration. It was also very fun because we had some new faces at Christmas this year! No faces better than your little not impressed face:


Sorry Wyatt your parents are weird



We had such a great Christmas spending time with family! So excited to have our own little family now


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