Wyatt’s four month update

As always I am mind blown that another month has flown by! I just can’t even believe that we used to have a life before Wyatt, can’t imagine the little guy not here! These updates are definitely going to become more fun because he is growing and changing every day!

Wyatt’s sleep usually entails going to bed at 7:00 after a bath and a bottle/nursing. He then sleeps until 2:00 AM when he thinks he’s starving. He does eat really good and then wants to go right back to bed. However, he doesn’t want to go back to bed in his crib and wants to snuggle with mommy. This usually isn’t a problem because Kyle works nights and isn’t there so I just let him. But I am noticing it is becoming a habit so I better toughen up and not let it happen. He did sleep a 10 hour stretch on Good Friday and wow that was just awesome! We may be close to my definition of sleeping through the night! His napping is not on a schedule either and some days he is a great napper and other days he just takes little cat naps.

Wyatt is still a very good eater and will take a bottle or nurse and doesn’t think twice. He spits up a lot less and hopefully will be ready for solids soon! He could possibly be starting to teeth because the amount of drool and fist sucking is ridiculous. He can still be gasy at times and not poops a little more often

Wyatt now can roll over both ways and does it in his sleep also. I never know where I will find him in his crib because it is never where I put him. Whenever I leave the room I come back and he is on a way different part of the floor. He loves to stand and prefers that to sitting, he is a super strong little guy and is stubborn when you try to move his arms away or make him sit.

He smiles ALL the time for anyone and everyone! He’s super happy in the mornings when he wakes up and gets a little cranky before bedtime but that is it. He has started to laugh and is an overall content little guy. Still such an easy baby to take with you anywhere and will fall asleep at night wherever when it is past his bedtime.

bath time is still his favorite by far and he can be very upset and crying and put him in a bath and he’s automatically happy. He is starting to follow Sarge’s movements, attempts to pick up toys, loves to grab mom’s hair, and still a big tv lover!


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