0 – 3 month Baby Items Review

I certainly don’t like wasting money on items that aren’t a necessity and tried to take that view into motherhood. I was pretty opinionated on what I wanted and didn’t for this baby. Thankfully family and friends have been helpful and got me things I didn’t even think of and have put to use. Here is a review on products I’d say to get or not get for the first three months. Remember these are for the first three months, some things I know I will use later it just wasn’t necessary to have right away

Carseat Cover: Yes!

AMAZLINEN Universal Fit Multi-use Baby Car Seat Covers,Infant Car Seat Canopy,Nursing Covers,Stretchy Breathable 360° Coverage,Unisex Grey and White Stripe

It is crazy how many compliments I get on this carseat cover. I love it because it is light, but I can see him and it keeps everything in, and everybody out. With a winter baby you have to keep him covered from the cold, And I also like that not everyone can have their hands in there. It is nice that it isn’t attached to the carseat and in the way and is super easy to just throw on. It also can be used as a nursing cover which I’ve used and to cover my while pumping and it is just wonderful how light and stretchy it is. Will use with every kid for sure!


Rock’N Play : YES, without a doubt!

Seriously the best thing ever. My sister in law said she loved it and wow we wouldn’t have survived the newborn stage without it! Wyatt slept in it for the first month of life, took naps in it and it just was all around where he spent most of this time when he wasn’t in our arms. We got the one that you could plug in and it would rock and we highly recommend that one. he slept great at night in it (even though I had heard not to put him in it) It kept us sane that first month when Wyatt would wail if put to sleep in his crib where he had to be on his back.

Britax Stroller/Carseat: Yes!

Britax® B-Agile/B-Safe 35 Travel System. Image 1 of 9.

I absolutely love our stroller. It is so light weight and easy to maneuver. However it did get a recall for the clips to put the careseat on malfunctioning. But we love it and haven’t had any issues with it yet. Our car seat is a heavier one, but it is great and I love the all black look. I had read great reviews about this car seat and we are super happy with it!

Swaddle Blankets: Yes

My sister in law exchanged the blankets she got us when we knew it was a boy and got us the blue set and I love them. They are breathable and you don’t have to worry about suffocation so they go in the crib with Wyatt. At first he was swaddled under his arms in them and now he just has it over him. We use it as a burp cloth too. they are wonderful and worth the money!

Tummy Time Pillow: Yes

Fisher Price Playtime Tummy Wedge

This is something that I didn’t plan on getting because I didn’t think I needed it, but my mother-in-law gave it to us and I’m glad she did. It props the baby up so much more and it makes them enjoy tummy time a lot more and it isn’t so much work on them right away.

Swing: nice to have, not necessary

Image result for older style baby swing

I don’t like the swings they now make that are so close to the ground and still pretty expensive. My mother-in-law picked up this older style swing off of a garge sale and wyatt does like it(as long as it’s moving) and it is nice to have something to put him in while I am working in the kitchen. We like it, but I would not have bought one of those new style swings for 50+ bucks.

Pack’n Play: up to you

Graco Pack 'n Play Playard with Reversible Napper and Changer Bassinet. Image 1 of 9.

I know this is something that I will be depending on sooner or later, and I’m so glad we already have it, but it hasn’t really gotten any use for us yet. We live in a very small house for now so we didn’t use it for the changing table or sleeping because it was two steps to his room. If we had a bigger house I know it would be a necessity and we’ll love it when we are traveling, but in Wyatt’s first 3 months of life there has been no need.

Whale Bathtub: Yes!

Fisher-Price Precious Planet Whale of a Tub

This was a hand me down bathtub from Wyatt’s cousins and I was so thankful for it! I had been wanting to get one new with the newborn mesh insert but couldn’t find the newborn mesh insert to buy separately and wasn’t going to buy a tub if I already had one. The whale tub alone ended up being perfect and Wyatt went right away into the Whale tub and fit perfect! He loves bath time!

Baby Monitor: Necessary, style is up to you

Summer Infant Wide View Digital Color Video Baby Monitor

We have this video camera baby monitor and I love it. It is so nice to be able to see him in there and not have to go check on him and risk waking him up. It also can be used with just the sound part if you want. It is a little bit of a splurge when you could get the sound only ones, but it gives me more peace of mind and will be used for many many years so I found it worth it.

Sleep Sack: Not necessary for us

HALO SleepSack Wearable Blanket, Cotton

I’m still glad that we got one as a gift and hope to use it on other children. As of right now Wyatt doesn’t use this and we just didn’t have much luck with it right away because he enjoyed being swaddled chest down



I am sure there are more products that we use, but these are just a few that I know I looked into and asked around before I bought them before Wyatt.


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