9-12 Months Product Review

Things are taking a turn from items that are necessary for Wyatt to more toys because he’s just so easy nowadays and doesn’t need a lot of things to survive day to day life because he goes with the flow and uses what we use. Here are the first three reviews:


Here are a few things we are loving though:


Table – yes



Hand me down as you will see is a repeated thing on this post, but I just can’t spend money on toys that I don’t know if he will actually like. He does love this and has for quite awhile. I’m going to retire it soon just for more space but he loved it.

Chair – yes


this also was a hand me down toy and something I wouldn’t have bought myself but he enjoys sitting (actually standing on) it and he loves the compartment that he can hide his toys in


High Chair – yes

high chair

Maybe I have mentioned it before but it is getting used every day all day now to feed him all his meals. I love that I can easily remove the cushion and throw it in the wash and that he can also just sit in the seat without the cushion and it can easily be wiped down

Nuk sippy cup –

nuk cup

This is the only one we tried so far so we aren’t the best advice here. They were hand me downs from my cousin and he has got the hang of them and he is a hoot to watch drink from them. I am sure there are more out there he would like but this is the first one we are on and daycare said he does not like the hard ones yet.shoes

Shoes – yes!

I feel like I just don’t have as much on here as I used to but we are still using some of the same things that we did from the start like blankets, strollers, car seats, and paci’s and Wyatt truly just doesn’t need the amount of gear that we did when he was younger.

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