Books read in 2017

I am trying to be more intentional in life in general and spend less time watching tv and on my phone. the tv thing is no problem, I still need to work on my phone!! I thought making a blog post of the books I read will keep me accountable for next year. Here are the books I read in 2017 (that I can remember…)

Present over Perfect – okay

Pretty decent book but I found it pretty slow and hard to really get into it. I thought it had some great one liners, and had a few great tips. Just a little too much of her life story and not enough practical tips that I expected. I had just heard so much hype about this book and didn’t exactly live up to what I wanted.

Off Duty – yes!

I almost embarrassed to say how much I loved this, I read it first cause I saw it was about a cop and my husband is one, but it ended up being a romantic book and I had kind of wrote those out as “not productive” reading. All the rage right now is to read non fiction books that are self-help or ways to make your life better, but it was so nice to get back to my roots and read a romantic book that gave me all the feelings 🙂 could not put this down, maybe because I could relate some of it to me and my husbands relationship and it was just a fun, very normal life story that easily could have happened.

Meaning of Marriage – tiny slow

I will admit I haven’t even finished this book yet. I started it and feel like it was really helpful to see her and her husband’s relationship and how their different backgrounds brought into a marriage made big differences, however it was just sometimes hard to relate because me and my husband have similar backgrounds. however we still struggle with different expectations from our backgrounds. I plan to finish, just didn’t get my attention like others.

The Joy of Less: A Minimalist Guide to Declutter, Organize, and Simplify – yes

I do not classify as a hoarder by no means, but this put a whole new perspective on my stuff and it is definitely a good book to read if you want to declutter your house. enjoyed it, didn’t agree with EVERY point but it was eye opening and helpful. I think I am going to get it again from the library in a few years as a refresher on my house and my tactics.

Woman of the Word – yes

Loved this because I had started using the Inductive Bible study and this book was about usuing that way of study and so it was helpful and gave me new ideas and made me really want to continue studying the bible that way. I just love the way Jen writes and her in general and she made it so practical

Missional Motherhood – okay

I listened to the audio on this one and I am glad I did because I think I would have stopped it if I was reading it. It wasn’t what I expected but brought a whole new perspective to how I was not relating motherhood enough to all the stories in the Bible. A little slow but glad I listened to it.

Uninvited – no

This one could have been because I listened to the book and I just was not a fan of the speaker’s voice. But I also just didn’t relate to this book because I don’t think the way the author did and I just wasn’t enjoying it. I felt a lot of it was very awkward and made me feel uncomfortable because that is just not how I go through life.


There is not near the amount of books on here I wanted there to be. that is my goal for next year! Read more put my dang phone down. I enjoy reading fiction but as I grow up I am trying to read things that change my way of thinking and help my faith. I turned a corner reading books in 2017 and want to really make it a habit in 2018.


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