Day in the Life

I love reading other bloggers day in the life posts and thought i would do one myself. Life is so busy right now, but i know with #2 on the way it is just the beginning of busy and will get even busier. I wanted to jot this down so i could look back and see what my life was like at this stage of life.

I decided to do it on a Friday because that is my favorite day , the day I stay home with Wyatt Wayne and take care of my family! Working 10 hour days Mon-Thurs I will admit that a lot of things are just on stand still during the week and don’t get done until the weekend. It works for us for now, we will see how things go when #2 disrupts our schedule!


6:00 –  Wyatt Wayne is up and ready to go, which means time for momma to get up. He’s pretty slow in the morning so I don’t even attempt to wake up before him because I know I will get some quiet time while he eats cereal and watches Moana. I let him do that, and I am trying to be more intentional about doing my devotions/Bible study then. So I do that and check my medias while he relaxes.


7:00 – Get Wyatt actual breakfast, make Kyle breakfast, jump in the shower, and attempt to get ready so we can get out of the door for errands and make it back in time for a nap for Wyatt.


8:00 – out the door and running all of our errands for the week to make sure the next week runs smoothly and we are prepared. I only grocery shop once a week so I have a well thought out list to all the stores I am going to.



9:15 – Made it back home and put Wyatt down for a nap right away. While he sleeps, I do household chores like laundry (which I only do once a week on Fridays also), dishes (sometimes there is a week worth of those too….don’t judge!), vaccum, bathrooms etc. During this nap I am able to get started on all of that and start to organize the hall closet which is our bathroom closet, I am (slowly) working through spring cleaning tasks… I blame winter sticking around for no energy to knock it out at once.



A little helper woke up from his nap


11:30 – Wyatt man wakes up, Kyle comes home from working in the morning, and I start to make lunch for all of us.


12:15 – more cleaning, playing with Wyatt, and spend time with kyle. Usually we are up to something in the afternoon together but with the freezing weather we just relax at home and I try to get things done while Kyle entertains Wyatt.


2:30 – Kyle and Wyatt take a nap (Kyle has to work his first night shift of the week tonight) So I have the house to myself again. Using this time today to work on getting our house figured out. working on the colors, fixtures,and all the interior stuff…because I leave all the structure/important/first decisions to Kyle! Also work on blog posts, check medias, and just enjoy time sitting down and feeling baby kicks.

My sweet little companion while the boys nap
So many decisions


4:00 – Wyatt is up and Kyle couldn’t really sleep so just spend time with boys finishing up chores and just playing and enjoying our “Weekend” Usually I feel like we are out of the house every Friday afternoon so this one feels long being cooped up.IMG_8077


5:00- Wyatt is ready for supper usually right around 5 every night so we dish him out some and I am starving at that time too today so me and Kyle dish some out for ourselves. I almost always do crockpot meals on Fridays so it can cook all day while I try to clean the house and not make more dishes.


5:30 – Family time where we are all in the living room doing whatever Wyatt has up his sleeve and spend time together.


7:00 –  We get Wyatt changed for bed and usually turn off all the lights and let him sit on one of our laps with his paci and blankie. After awhile we will say do you want to go nigh nigh and we will put him in his bed and he doesn’t make a peep, we are lucky!! After he’s asleep we will usually just relax together and watch an episode or two of Blue Bloods our Netflix series.

9:00 – Kyle starts getting ready to get out the door and go off to work. Make sure he has his clothes for lifting after work and his meal during his shift and he is out the door.

9:15 – I retire straight to bed after Kyle is gone and just enjoy time reading or checking my phone and usually fall asleep in no time with being so tired and pregnant.

There is just a typical Friday, technically a really boring one…but it is my favorite way to spend Fridays! No doctors apt, no obligations, just a day to take care of the family I love so much.


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