Wyatt 13-15 Months

I have missed doing Wyatt’s updates and since I was writing them down for his Promptly Journal, I thought I would just put them here so I could put some of my favorite pictures with them!

Wyatt’s 13 Month Update: I wasn’t going to make blog posts any more on his changes but he still learns so much every month and i want to be able to compare it to his siblings so i want to keep track of it. He talks a lot and is pretty much able to tell us what he wants through whining, pointing, saying it. He signs please and more really well and days all done so eating is very easy to know what he wants. Sleeps amazing 7-7 and it is the most beautiful thing ever. I had no idea what i was missing out on. And now here i am going to start all over. He eats amazing, is finally getting the hang of the sippy cup and pretty much won’t take the bottle anymore. Wyatt also told everyone this month that he is going to be a big brother!!


Wyatt’s 14 Month Update: man i just want to keep doing blog posts because you change SO much so fast. Still have the appetite of a horse. Like you are never full. You are very good at eating meals and don’t beg for snacks…. Yet. you are a champ sleeper. If i hadn’t been there for the first like 11 months of our life i wouldn’t believe that you used to always think you needed a bottle in the middle of the night. 12 hours every night and not a peep out of you. Still a great napper and we are holding on to the morning and afternoon naps at home and at daycare you are doing just an afternoon one that is about.5 hours which for them is quite the improvement! Right now all we have to say to you when it is time to take a nap or go to bed for the night is “ do you want to go nigh nigh??”” and you run to your crib and we put you in it with paci and blankie and  you fall right to sleep i kid you not. We are soaking it u p because it won’t last but it is the best thing ever. You are obsessed with books and all night long bring us book after book to read you and want to be on our lap when we read you. You love sarge and like to pat him and sit on him. It’s very easy for you to communicate what you want even if you aren’t making noises. You know a cow says mooo but usually just go mmmmmm and we are working on sheep saying baa. You basically run now and are getting a lot more coordinated. You are such a happy guy we just love the heck out of you. Finally taking that sippy better and drinking more which is good because for a while you just wouldn’t drink much. No more bottles, size 4 diapers, going to a size 7 shoes because you are getting ingrown toenails from your shoes being too small. Ready to be out of 12 month clothes but i don’t want to buy winter 18 months so sticking it out in these until spring and warmer weather. Also at some point in this month wyatt got molars…we have no idea when that happened. Just saw them in there. Maybe when he had those random fevers and runny noses??


Wyatt 15 months: you are quite the demanding little man and are very easy to comminute with and we usually can tell what you want. Starting to say the word book, and pretty much any B word. You loved vacation and did SO well. You sleep amazing usually 7-7 and sometimes you are only getting one really long nap in for the day but you love your morning nap on the weekends and are ready for that by 9 if not earlier and sleep another 2.5-3 hours. You love our attention, still obsessed with Sarge, love the movie Moana. Appetite wasn’t as good as usual this month, i think you’re working on more molars and that is the reason. You are always begging us for baths, you like to follow us around and are just getting interested in helping us with stuff. You aren’t always so sure about strangers and will just put your head down when they try to talk to you but you warm up pretty quickly. You want to be outside every minute of every day and if you’re not outside you want to be on the chair looking out the window. You went on your first vacation to Arizona! The plane ride went really well for it being bedtime. On the one flight you fussed about 5 minutes trying to fall asleep but when you did you slept the rest of the flight. And the second flight you slept on and off the whole time too. We could NOT complain. You loved swimming with Dad and Grandpa, you loved being on the balcony all day watching the planes come and go, you loved all the attention, you did really well on the way home driving back too. You had your whining moments, but that is pretty understandable when we had you in a car 12 hours a day two days in a row. You are just so easy and go with the flow. You did well about not having the same nap time every day, and you loved to walk around by yourself now. You do throw little screaming fits but we have noticed that really only happens with you havent had naps or had a crazy schedule for the day.


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