Our Garden – Year 1 – Planting

After patiently (or maybe not) waiting for three years to have my own garden, Kyle made my wishes come true! We got to start our garden on the ground that we hope to build a house on this year. It had it’s hiccups and it isn’t exactly what I wanted, but Kyle said I just need to be happy about it this year and it is only a preliminary and will get bigger and be better when we actually live out there.

my crazy little driver


waiting in the truck while dad scrapes off the grass for the garden plot


We started with Kyle scraping off some of the dirt that is there because it is pretty clayish and hard and not great dirt. we then filled a wagon with dirt from down by the river bottom where it often floods and the dirt is very black. We then brought it up to the plot and started to dump it out, but then the wagon was so heavy it wouldn’t lift so we had to start scooping it out. Kyle wasn’t a happy camper about it not working but we were persistent and got it all out between moving the truck back and forth, scooping, and me running up the inclined wagon.

loading the wagon with the good black dirt


attempting to get the dirt out of the wagon… quite the process


Wyatt always wants on the 4-wheeler but isn’t so sure about it


all tilled out and ready to go!


When it finally got warm enough(we had a winter that stuck around way too long…like snowing mid April) we planted the onions, potatoes, and carrots. it became very apparent though that the garden wasn’t going to be as big as I wanted it to fit all of my vegetables into it. The loader was already off the tractor for planting so Kyle told me I just had to deal with it for this year. in the future we hope to double it and make strawberry patches.



We got dad’s tiller out there and Kyle tilled up some of the rougher spots to get them ready for the broccoli and beans and tomatoes and we were actually able to plant the broccoli that day, put in the cute signs Kyle made for me, and dig some holes for blueberry bushes.

planted broccoli, onions, potatoes, and carrots


Kyle whipped these together for me out of scraps he found in the garage


We’ve been out watering like crazy because it looks like it is going to be a dry year again. Kyle is really getting into it though and plans to go all out when we live out there and put some rail ties around it to make a border and have a ramp for the tiller, it helps that he has friends into gardening also and it’s an addicting little hobby!



We got the blueberry and raspberry bushes planted, planted broccoli and beans, bought and planted our peach tree, and finally got the tomatoes and peppers planted. I think that is all I am going to be allowed to have in there this year and I am happy with it (with big plans for the future!) Now if we can just keep it weeded, watered, and pesks away we will be in business!



As of 5-7-18 We have broccoli that has doubled in size, onions are getting huge, we see potato plants on every hill but one, our one blueberry bush has doubled while the other and raspberries haven’t done a thing, and we think we even see carrots coming up.


I will do a post at the end of the summer, hopefully showing lots of produce!

For reference for next year:

6 broccoli plants

1 row of onions

10 potato hills

3 Better Boy tomato plants

3 Roma tomato plants

3 pepper plants (only one survived)

2 rows of beans

1 row of carrots




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