Tulip Time – 2018

Had to start with this picture showing the difference between 2017 and 2018

We had so much fun at Tulip Time last year we have been looking forward to this one since last year. I decided to get a costume made too because I want to walk in the parade for years to come with my kiddos and thought it would be a good investment. The lady who made my costume did INCREDIBLE and it was so much more beautiful than I could have imagined!!!


DSC_0040 edit

DSC_0050 edit

DSC_0051 edit.jpg


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DSC_0060 editDSC_0062 edit

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We kicked it off with the Thursday afternoon parade walking with the Riggens/Nieuwsma ladies. The weather man was talking of rain but it held off until after the parade so we got plenty of photos in and walked through the parade with no rain which was awesome.  After we were done walking we went and watched the parade from Uncle Levi’s apartment. We walked around a little looking for food that we wanted and we ended up getting stroopwaffels which we should have got Wyatt his own because he devoured mine. We did stay around uptown a little too long and got caught in a downpour. Kyle was the best ever though and ran to my parents and got the Durango while me and Wyatt camped out under a shelter.

DSC_0101 edit.jpg




DSC_0087 edit.jpgIMG_8467.png

DSC_0077 edit.jpg

DSC_0082 edit.jpg


Friday we headed up for the night parade after Kyle headed into work early and got some food. It was absolutely packed uptown because it was the most gorgeous Friday night. We got Dutch bologna sandwich, cotton candy, and poffertjes. Wyatt wasn’t impressed with the cotton candy or the poffertjes. He absolutely loved the parade and was dancing to the bands and loved watching all the floats and the tractors/cars. He was a magnet to things getting handed out and got like 3 cookies and 2 glow sticks. He loved every second and did really good since he had gone down for a late nap but the second he got in his car seat he was out!



Saturday we headed up to Pella right away after Kyle went to bed and we helped Papa in the garden and got Wyatt down for a nap while me and Maddie checked out the Dutch Market and I got a corndog and more poffertjes. We walked back to mom and dad’s and got our Dutch costumes on and then headed back uptown to get some pictures taken and to walk in the baby parade. We had all kinds of tourists taking our photos and they just loved Wyatt. It was a warm day but we stayed in the shade and it wasn’t bad at all. Wyatt was hot when it came to parade time but he just laid back in his wagon and waved at everyone in the parade it was the cutest thing ever. he was such a great little boy and hit his second wind when we got to my parents. We had such a great time and I wish it wasn’t over with, can’t wait until next year to have two little kiddos to pull through the parade!

DSC_0125 EDIT.jpg

DSC_0131 EDIT.jpg

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DSC_0169 edit.jpg



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DSC_0188 edit

DSC_0195 edit.jpg

Tulip Time you were too good to us! Not to mention this little boy was just perfect and a hoot the whole time! I could not love him more!!

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