Duke Mitchell De Ronde

Our sweet second born son graced us with his presence on July 16, 2018 at 2:56 PM. We were so pleasantly surprised to have him come two weeks early just like his big brother. He had a mind of his own about how the labor and delivery was going to go, which we should have known since this baby has the whole time. But Duke totally made up for it with only 4 minutes of pushing and him making his appearance.



Your dad had changed the name on me AT the hospital and we were both elated you were a boy to give Wyatt a brother. You had quite the lungs on you and made your appearance known!

To say your dad was proud to have another boy is an understatement

You were such a small little peanut which surprised us when your brother was 8lbs and you were only 6lbs and 8 oz.



Dr Hellbusch was unfortunately on vacation, but Dr. Wittenberg was wonderful and we had such a great experience and felt very cared for.




Big brother meeting Duke for the first time


Your dad actually got sick when we were at the hospital and had a fever and chills and he wasn’t there much of the second day.


Going home as a family of 4!

We love you so much already Duke De Ronde and we are so excited to watch you grow up with your big brother!




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