Duke’s Newborn Pictures

Duke is already feeling the pains of being the second child and instead of paying a lot of money for newborn pictures, his mom and aunt took them. I will say, of all the different monumental moment pictures to have taken, I think the newborns are the most worth your money.

It is not easy to pose a newborn, keep them sleeping, and make the pictures turn out cute, and dominate the angles. No matter how hard we tried we just weren’t getting as cute of angles and it is truly a gift taking them.

That being said, I still got one or two that was good enough for a birth announcement picture and I called that good enough and won’t go pay someone to take them.


I also had Mo take a few of me with the boys and someone we convinced Kyle to be in one and I will take it!DSC_0538DSC_0546DSC_0565

We just love being a family of 4! These boys are our world.

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