Duke’s Two Month Update

We’ve survived another month with Duke! This was a sort of rough month, but we totally saw the light at the end of the tunnel and we’re starting to figure each other out and the month finished on such a positive note. You are letting us put you down and you will be content and just lay there which is a huge improvement.

You had your two month appt a few days after you turned two months and you weighed 11 lbs and 8 ounces! We were pumped by you gaining 5 pounds since birth and Hellbusch was super happy that you had jumped from 8% to 31% on the growth chart! You were 23.5 inches long which is the same as Wyatt was at two months for 65% and your head size increased by two inches in two months… your melon is huge and 76 percentile!

Duke still doesn’t have the whole sleep thing figured out. We had some pretty rough nights this month of Duke not sleeping long big stretches, not wanting to go back to his bed, and just being fussy. We did get a 3.5 hour stretch and started to get better at going back to his bed which is a relief for mom. We have a long ways to go especially with mom going back to work soon, but hopefully we can get it figured out. You’re a little cat napper and prefer to nap on us also, but about halfway through the month you started to take some in your rock n play which was so helpful for mom so she could get stuff done.

Youre starting to track way better with your eyes and we are usually able to get a few smiles out of you a day which makes us so excited! You’re awake more often too. You are also starting to coo and talk which we love too.

Eating is where you dominate Duke! You are a great nurser and really enjoy it, but you take a bottle great too. You’re now liking 4 ounce bottles every sitting and I’m not having to pump near as much to clean out the leftover milk. You usually give us one little burp and sometimes projectile vomit your spit up. You definitely struggle with gas sometimes and we can’t get it out with kicking your legs or rubbing your tummy so it’s hard to see you so upset.

Wearing size 0-3 months now but still fit in some newborn. Wearing  size 1 diapers pee so much that you fill them easily. Don’t poop very often just like Wyatt did and only poop every other day max.

youre great with your car seat now and fall asleep in it instantly. You notice when we stop tho and start screaming 😉  attempting to roll from your back to front already since you love your tummy.


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