Iowa State Fair – 2018

It’s the best time of the year! I always love the State Fair so much and Kyle puts up with going one day for me. Having a newborn we had to watch the weather for a good day to go. We went really early so that we could get out of there before the heat and the large crowds. We first went to all the animal barns and checked them out. We then headed over to Little Hands on the Farm when it opened. This was by far the cutest thing ever watching Wyatt go through there with his dad. They both loved it! I then had to nurse Duke and Kyle and Wyatt did who knows what. Wyatt and Kyle both had their first time down the Giant Slide and Wyatt had the biggest smile ever. SO many people guaked and couldn’t believe how little Duke was. And there always has to be one Debbie Downer who said “What a little baby” and then after she passed us ” Way too small to be here” glad you got your opinion out there lady. We made our way through the Varied Industries Building and checked out a few more things before calling it a day and heading back to the camper. We cooled down and I quick nursed Duke and then we called it a day and headed home! It was quick, but so awesome and went so well!



Spur of the moment Kyle decided we should go up to the fair just him and me. So we packed the boys up and dropped them off at my parents house and we headed up. We hung out with Matt & Heather ( Matt was the real reason Kyle wanted to go ;)) And we walked around with them and got some food. We then broke of for a little bit and got our yearly Sky Glide date in, and then just relaxed back at the camper with the Collins’ before heading home and beating the rain.


Also for future reference sake:

Corndog: 5.00

Gate Admission: 12.00

Hot Beef Sundae: 8.00

Sky Glide 1 way: 4.00

Big Slide: 2.50

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