Autumn Acres – 2018

I thought I would just blog our time at Autumn Acres since we will probably be going there a lot through the years and I want to see how much the boys change! Crystal asked us to come along with the daycare kids and we had a great day! Wyatt was big enough for most of it and he had a blast. He is just the sweetest thing and so much fun to watch him explore and learn!

Wyatt loved the slide so much and went down repeatedly with me and Hallie


I can usually get smiles out of Wyatt but he was just too busy today to look at the camera
Sweet Duke was just along for the ride


You were not a fan of the big pillow this year, just a little too small to jump and stay up
you absolutely loved riding in the barrels
You were SO interesting in Chloe the donkey
You sat so sweet the whole hayrack ride and just took it all in


At first you weren’t sure about the corn box but you ended up loving it
She gave every kid a corn on the cob to take off pieces but you were adamant you didn’t want to take them off and just held it and looked at it


I just love watching you and the joy you have in everything you do Wyatt Wayne, never lose that please!!

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