Duke’s Three Months Update

Duke, you are just the sweetest thing! We had a hard first month and a half but you are just a whole new man! You give me so much life being your mom and your smile is the best part of my day (along with your dad’s and brother’s). You’re definitely a big mama’s boy which I am going to soak up for now because it probably won’t last!

Maybe the main reason me and you get along so much better is sleep. You are starting to figure out sleep and all the praise hands to that! Mom just needed some sleep! You are usually ready for bed by 8 which is way earlier than Wyatt at this age. Like most babies, you give me a good first stretch and lately are usually making it to 2 AM. Now I’m figuring you out that you’ll often wake up at 4 but if I give you your paci it will hold you off until 6 and then you want to snuggle with mom until it’s time to get up. I’m loving getting this routine with you. I can usually get one really good nap out of you a day and while you’d prefer to take them on us, you can be moved to the rock n play. Taking three naps a day.

Chunky you are chunky. You don’t eat as much a sitting as Wyatt did, but you are just filling out so nicely. You’re a long little guy and have the skinniest waist but you are putting on the pounds. Still wearing a size 1 diaper (thank goodness we have a lot to get through) and wearing 0-3 and 3 months tho your waist is tiny. You are just now starting to look a little more like your brother but still have your unique look. You are a great nurser but are enjoying the bottle that came with mom working.

Yup mom had to go back to work this month which is sad but also so good. It’s good for you to have to go to a daycare and socialize, learn to take a bottle, I’m working from home a day which is truly making this possible and you’re doing better about not being held at the perfect time! You are ornery for the sitter and are often fussy for her which I feel horrible about, hopefully you’ll get in a routine.

You sure are a strong kicker and putting your weight on your legs. You also have a death grip on about everything, you’re definitely coordinated! You’re starting to enjoy the colors and sounds of the tv and enjoy watching the hustle and bustle of our house.

Wyatt loves to give you lots of love and while you aren’t the biggest fan of him touching you, you love to watch him especially take baths with him and he pours water on your legs. SO many smiles this month and it just makes our day. Life with you gets better and better!


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