Fall 2018

I wanted to put all the pictures together of the many fun fall things we did this year. I made an entire blog post to Autumn Acres, but here is what else we were up to this fall:

Iowa vs. Wisconsin – We love going every year with Heather and Matt our brother and sister in law! Unfortunately the Hawks lost, but we got a great game like we have the last three years!


Kickoff to Kinnick 5k – My sister-in-law convinced me to run a 5k with her and it was exactly what I needed to do after having a baby! It was so fun to spend the day with her and to be on Kinnick field!IMG_0513IMG_0509IMG_0500

Returning Back to Work – I feel like all of these are talking about Heather but the sweet gal always is so thoughtful and sent me flowers on my first day back which shockingly went really well!


Fall Fest – We quick checked out a festival at a church in town, we weren’t there very long, but Wyatt was obsessed with the slides and still always wants to see the video




Kyle working in the fields – harvest means Kyle has been in the semi and tractor quite a bit. One night Wyatt got to ride with Kyle and to say it made Wyatt’s day is an understatement.




Doors for the tv stand – After two years I finally convinced Kyle to make the doors for our tv stand. And wow it gives it such a finished look and it is gorgeous. He’s the best!

Someone thought he was so funny photobombing


Photobomber #2

Pumpkin Carving – We love pumpkin carving and this was our first time doing it with Wyatt. He was interested at first, until he had to touch the guts then he wasn’t impressed. But man does he know how to smile while sitting by it like he did it himself. Kyle dominated the tractor for our tractor loving boy though! We also ate pumpkin seeds for the first time, not that impressed but glad we tried them.









We love fall so much! But I am also getting extremely excited to celebrate the holidays with my boys!

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