4th of July weekend

Wow did we have a 4th of July weekend to remember this year! It was an extra long one and we loved every dang minute of it! On the 4th me and the boys went to the Bussey parade and then quick stopped by Eveland but didn’t stay for lunch so we could go home and get big naps before hanging with friends at night



We went to Anna and Brett’s at about 4 and played all night long on the swingset, in the splash pad, in the pool, in the water table. Lots of running around on their lawn, lots of dancing. the boys had the time of their life and we had a wonderful time watching them run around and talking with friends.



Friday we took it easy thank goodness! Tried to get the house cleaned up a bit, got prepped for the big day tomorrow and ran down to Ottumwa to go to Hobby Lobby, Aldi’s, and the counter place. Kyle worked on the house extra late that night to get the garage done.


Saturday was a big one and was Truss day at the house! We had 10 family and friends come to work on the house and we were blown away! While they worked, Me, Katie, Heather, Anna and our kids ran around and talked. We had lots of visitors Marla, Carol, Neil, Brad Boender and kiddos. They got all the trusses on with no issues and then got pretty much all the sheeting on the house. it was so nice of everyone to work so hard and help us out! Guys working was Derek, Ryan, Scott, Tayler, Brett, Brian, Matt, Layton, Russ



That night I ended up taking the boys to the I-Cubs game because Cody, Morgan’s Boyfriend had given us free suite tickets we couldn’t say no to. Wyatt was obsessed with Cubbie bear and was nuts the whole night.


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