Building Our Forever Home – Part 5 – June 2019

June!!! June is finally the month our house really got rolling! Kyle took off 4 weeks and the concrete guys were able to finish up the basement floor.

June 1: Concrete guys brought more loads of rock for basement and house floor

June 3: Concrete guys finished up putting rock in and laid rebar

June 5: We have a concrete floor!!!

June 8: We measured and put boards on top of concrete walls

June 10: Kyle got a huge load of lumber, got beamed order lined up, and started on outer basement wall

June 11: put more layers of boards on top of concrete walls, Morgan and Cody watched the boys and me and Kyle built more walls, Brian picked up steel beam.

June 12: Derek helped Kyle, built more basement walls

June 13: I took off a half day and to help Kyle, the beam was hopefully already going to be in but that hadn’t happened yet, they attempted to get it in but then a skidloader tire popped so we had to go get another one of those. finally by 4:30 the beam was in with Brent’s help. Kyle then built some more walls

June 14: We put on the bedroom/utility walls, moved the stairs, Kyle started on the stair

June 15: put in the two lvl’s cut I joists and got one placed down

June 17: Kyle and Derek got all the I joist placed and nailed down and put the rim board around them

June 18: kyle got all the I joists attached to the beams. Worked on the stairs

June 19-22: Made the decision to hold off on construction with lots of rain in the forcast and Mitchell’s wedding. ended up being the right decision and we got over 3 inches in 5 days

June 24: Subfloor put down and got lots of outside walls in place.

June 25: Built more outside walls and some supporting walls, got seal down on floors to protect from water

June 26: Finished exterior walls and more supporting walls, had a kitchen crisis where everything wasn’t fitting as it was supposed to. Got it all laid out to hopefully make work after moving and changing things

June 27: Very hot day kyle got beams up and finished odds and ends and marked for ijoists

June 28: a storm unexpectedly came in with high winds and over an inch and a half in like 45 minutes. Thankfully nothing bad happened to the house but no work got done either

June 29: definitely another extremely hot day and Kyle Brent and Derek were troopers and knocked out the I-joists for the second floor and then got out of there by around 2.

June was a good good month! Wasn’t always easy, definitely very stressful but such a great month and hoping to keep things moving and get it enclosed soon!

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