Iowa State Fair – 2019

Another summer, another Iowa State Fair!! I didn’t have my hopes up for being there too long this year just because we were in the middle of building a house and it was Kyle’s day off, WELL much to my surprise we ended up spending 25 hours up there!

We started out positive with free parking on the street!!We had fun that night just relaxing at the camper and playing. Sleep wasn’t pretty with a rowdy camper waking Duke up and the sound machine turning off. But me and Heather got a good 2.5 mile walk in in the morning and of course all the boys slept in and so we got to relax and the husbands got off the hook 😉 I ended up with 26,000 steps so that was a dang good day!





Heather is the bomb and gives us a coupon book every year so basically we get to try lots of fair foods at a discount or for Free so we made our way through lots of lemonades, watermelon cups, nachos, and fries.

We spent most of the day with the Collins which was fun because we usually don’t always do the day together, but we had a great time! We went in before them and got Jr donuts and checked out all the animals, we then met up with them and went to Little Hands on the Farm which of course Wyatt loved every bit of ESPECIALLY the tractor portion and we pretty much took him out kicking and screaming. we went to the Fun forest and watched some dancing and played on the playground while Duke slept. We went down the big slide with them which was a major hit, checked out Mutton Busting, and looked at lots of machinery.




We then went back to the campers to try to get naps done but Duke and Maggie thought it was play time together, After lots of walking up and down the camp grounds I got Duke to sleep in the stroller and Wyatt took a good nap.


We then headed back to the fair and checked out the fish, Clydsdales, campers, got supper, and then went our separate ways and checked out a few more things. We finally headed home around 7:30 and had SUCH a great time and much needed family time away from the new house.

2019 Prices:

2.50 Big Slide

4.00 Ride on the Sky Glide

7.00 Foot Long Corndog (5.00 for normal)

12.00 Gate Admission (8.00 early)

8.00 Hot Beef Sundae

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