Building Our Forever Home – Part 6 – July 2019

July 1: Kyle did got rim boards on and did other odds and ends, and Levi came at 4 and him and Brent helped Kyle get the decking on the 2nd floor

July 2: Kyle put sheeting up on the house, finished decking, worked on driveway

July 3: Kyle Derek and Brent put up 2nd floor walls

July 4: Kyle got wood on top of garage concrete walls

July 5: Kyle Derek and Ryan framed out the garage and worked a late one getting everything ready for truss day

July 6: Truss Day! Our friends and family showed up and helped us so much! Kyle, Scott, Tayler, Ryan, Russ and Brian did trusses, while Derek, Brett, Matt and Layton did sheeting on the house. Kyle Ryan and Derek stayed late and working on sheeting the roof.

July 8:Things are going to start going a little slower. Kyle started back on the streets 2nd shift and so hes only getting around 4 hours in a day. He got the rest of the high roof sheeted and put the tar paper on.

July 9: more work on the roof

July 11: worked on getting more sheets up on the side of the house

July 13: finished up overhang and put roof sheets on

July 15: Kyle put porch trusses up

July 18: Derek and Levi worked on the house while Kyle took care of Duke because he had hit his head and needed to be supervised.

July 19:Kyle Brent Levi and Derek got top roof put on and skylight installed

July 20: Kyle and Derek finished up Master suite roof and west side of garage roof

July 23: Concrete guys came and dug out issues in the garage. Kyle moved some rock into the garage.

July 24: Kyle worked on the roof, almost got it completely finished

July 27: Kyle Derek and Ryan got sheeting up, started house wrap, got rock moved into the garage

July 29: Kyle got more sheeting up on the garage. Cleaned up the whole jobsite. I got paint for the concrete retaining walls and Kyle told Marty to do dirt work

July 31: Kyle started on the soffit/fascia


Another great month!! Cant even tell you how happy and how much has been done in July!



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