Building Our Forever Home – Part 8 – September 2019

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September 3 – HVAC guys started, Kyle did spray insulation ahead of them and ran to Menards

September 4-6 – HVAC guys continued to get things put in

September 7: Our lives flipped upside down and Kyle’s Uncle Kevin was in a crash while driving the semi and killed. With harvest two weeks away Kyle will be helping a lot with that and I have no idea what it means for the house but we also don’t care and we are gunna focus on the farm and family and know the house can wait and there is more important things in life.

September 10: Russ was there working on plumbing things

September 12: Eldon brought by more rock

September 16: Kyle has off the whole week and him and Russ are working on odds and ends of framing, finishing plumbing, and started on electrical

September 17: Katie came over and it was so nice to have another set of eyes on the house and ask her a million questions. The responses i get from De Ronde boys while trying to figure out lights for the stairs are….not helpful

September 18-20: Kyle and Rusty did a ton of electrical things, putting in can lights, running wire, putting in outlets and light switches and trying to figure out the best way for EVERYTHING to go that it makes the most sense. Dang it was no joke. I think Kyle called me over 30 times with questions on electrical things.

September 24: BIG DAY! We got to the house around 3:30 and the concrete guys were there working on filling the garage, Brett Mowry was there hooking up the electrical panel and electrical box outside, and Rusty was there working on more electrical stuff. It was SO exciting to see lots get moving. I felt like we had been in such a rut and it was nice to see things moving forward.

September 26: Such an exciting week!! Garage floor got poured today!! I have no idea why that took so dang long to finish up when it only took two dang days but whatever it is done! HVAC was there today too and not even sure what Kyle and Rusty were doing

but I am sure it involved more electrical work.

September 27: Concrete guys came back to cut the concrete today and Kyle continued working on electrical. I picked up more electrical material at Kelly for them to work on the garage.


That’s it for September because Kyle works this weekend and is going on a work Trip Sunday night – Wednesday afternoon. Probably will be working in the fields which is totally fine but October might be a slow update.

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