Somehow I convinced my sister in law to wake up really early and drive to Kansas City with me, go to IKEA, and drive back in a day. Heather being amazing and never saying no, had the day off Wednesday, I took the day off, and we headed at 5:30 down to Kansas City. The trip down went so fast with lots and lots of talking and going through our plan of attack. After getting lost just once on Sunshine road because I was talking and not paying attention to Angela, we made it to the IKEA and I will never forget the look on Heather’s face when she saw just how big an IKEA was and that this wasn’t a normal department store.


We parked in the upper parking garage because we could and backed in which made no sense since we would be needing to get to our trunk! We were the only ones parked there all day. We laughed so much out of excitement getting in the store, we picked up catalogs and got ready to start taking on the showroom.







The very first room knocked us off our feet and Heather was straight hooked! We spent over an hour just looking through all the amazing room set ups, dreaming, thinking things through, and figuring out what we all needed and didn’t We ate lunch in the cafeteria which was perfectly set up right when you finish the showroom and before you go to the marketplace floor. I had seen somewhere that the meatballs were good and MAN getting a full meal of meatballs, mashed potoates and beans in the middle of your shopping day is the way to do it and it was SO good for only like 6 bucks. We then headed down to the marketplace to start picking up all the things I needed.


I had printed out a list that had everything I needed from the IKEA site, it had the location and bin number and made life so easy. Of course there was millions of other things to catch out eyes! Heather dominated helping me find everything that I wanted and couldn’t have done it without her. Ended up finding a bedspread I had been looking for months!

We ended up checking out with all the stuff we had bought in the Marketplace and bringing that to the car and then decided to come back for all the big items we needed to get out of the warehouse section.


We cam back ready to dominate the warehouse and pick up all the dressers, tables, and chairs I needed. It all went off without a hitch and we were ready to check out and spend more money!


We stopped for a quick Target run and some food and headed back to Iowa! We made it home by 5:30 PM and deemed it such a great day and a fun trip we’d have to do again!

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