Duke 13-15 Months

Sweet Duke! You have changed so much and I wish I was writing this more frequently the last 3 months so I wouldn’t have missed anything you’ve figured out. You finally figured out walking at 13 months old! And man when you figured out how it worked you wanted to do it all the time. it also took you no time at all to figure out how to stand from the ground. You definitely still don’t have the best balance but you are a great walker but don’t like being left behind. I wish you would just walk your little robotic walk forever!

Still needing the morning nap around 8:30 or 9 and not sleeping as long, but then taking a much longer afternoon nap. Great night sleeper  at night and waking up usually around 6:30-7 and you and Wyatt wake each other up by one of you screaming every dang morning.

climber. climb everything way faster than Wyatt. Up on couch up on tables can get off bed, loving climbing stairs, you will do whatever it takes to get to what you want. You love to keep up with Wyatt and get on his chair and steal his things. You are a little survivalist by nature.  You love playing outside now and running down the new driveway with Wyatt, getting a lot more independent and not such a leech to mom. Very good at finding mud and dirt 🙂

A lot more of a drinker than Wyatt ever was and always want a sippy. I think you are finally putting on the weight and you eat nonstop. if your brother doesn’t finish his, you do it for him. Great at using a fork and spoon .Carries them around everywhere so he is always ready. Whenever he finds a bowl he brings it to Kyle or me to fill with snacks for him. Still a tiny guy which we just don’t understand with how much you eat!

You pull the sweetest lip and cry when you are told no, can throw a tantrum SO well which was new to us when Wyatt has never thrown one ever. I’m talking throwing yourself on the ground, rolling around and screaming until mom notices you. You will not stop if I try to ignore you .

love your giggle and so easy to make you giggle. I love the most when you are laughing at Wyatt because he loves to make you laugh! You love to keep up and do whatever Wyatt is and steal his stuff when he is not looking. you love baby bums, playing chase

catching on to words and say mama, dada, Wyatt (I-it) baby bum, cookie, ball, baby, more, kitty and tons and tons of gibberish. I will never tire of hearing you repeat mama mama mama when you want my attention or for me to do something for you. I will stick to the 15-18 months being my absolute favorite age and I can’t get over how sweet and how much they learn and grow in that stage so I am READY for the next months!

15 month stats at the doctor:

Duke was 31 1/2 inches tall which was 63% , He was 21lb 13.5 oz which got him up the 14% from 6. And his head stayed the same size 19 1/2 in and got him on to the chart at 965

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