Building Our Forever Home – Part 9 – October 2019

October 3: Kyle had been gone for a few days with a training for work, he got to work on the garage electrical

October 4: More electrical odds and ends trying to get everything finished up on the two main floors.

October 5: We got the Junk wagon to 1221 and dumped anything that was not going to make the move and got that out there. Lots of rain again that day but Kyle got things finished up and talked to Brett and Dave and went through the electrical with them.

October 6: Ran to Sherwin Williams and got the paint for the doors and a few untinted because I had a coupon and they were on sale. We then went out to the new house and swept and cleaned the upstairs and half of the main floor. Kristin and Karl stopped by so we went through the house with them.

October 7: Kyle started on the basement electrical

October 9: Heather and I went to IKEA and got ALL the things needed for the new house. Dressers, faucet, light, storage containers, night stands, You name it, we got it.

While we were down there Kyle worked on getting the garage sheeted in!

October 10: Kyle worked on more electrical, Derek worked on prepping for insulation and sheet rock.

October 11: Sheetrock/insulation prep by Kyle, Derek, and Rusty

October 14-15: Kyle worked on some odds and ends to get the house ready for next step and finished wiring, built a few walls he had been putting off, and prepped for insulation

October 18: Kyle *** Eldon was working on septic system and Sanitary guy was checking it over

Rusty helped with ****

October 23: The septic is getting so close to finished, kyle finished getting the house wrap on the garage.

October 24: First inspection for electrical, panel passed, ahd a few issues with the rest that have to be fixed

October 28: Kyle ran to Menards, had to drain water out because it was going below freeing and snowed, Eldon got more work done on the septic system

October 29: Kyle slept in the morning trying to catch up on sleep

October 30-31: Kyle worked on crush boards for the whole how and fixed issues with the electrical issue. Eldon finished septic!!



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