Christmas 2019

christmas 2019Christmas has come and gone and with all we had going on this year I had the gifts done by December 5 and was pretty over Christmas by the 25th. On Christmas Eve we went over to Carol’s and had a great time, Kyle got a garden hose, coffee mug, and salt and pepper shaker (Kyle hated not having a salt shaker for his food) and I got a marble rolling pin and donut pan which I had been dying for and they were from Williams and Sonoma and I was pumped! Carol gave us money which was needed this year for us to buy house stuff so we were grateful and Duke got a police cozy coupe which we are so excited to use at the new house. Wyatt got a massive combine and he was a happy guy! he also got a monster truck with dirt and a jeep with a boat and he loved it all! Duke got new bath toys also which we were really in need of. Me and Kyle stunk at the saran wrap game and we finally won the last game of LCR so that we could bring a little money home.

On Christmas we went to church and then just did quick stocking stuffers as a family and at lunch. Nothing special at all after having a crazy day before and we actually all took like 3 hour naps. Kyle had to work that night so I did run up to Pella to see my family but otherwise nothing big.

We had a big De Ronde on December 27 which was also the day of the Hawkeyes game so we went and I brought Dutch Lettuce which was a big hit and then we played basketblla with our nephews and a little knock out and the boys ran around like crazy.

Fopma Christmas couldn’t happen until New Years Day and since we were painting the house that day we didn’t get to be there very long but we had a great day and the boys got completely spoiled by Nana and Papa and also by their aunts and uncles. We and Kyle got matching Cubbie hats, I got a black hanging pot I had wanted really bad for my porch, Kyle got a folding table which was something we needed. The boys got black and white plaid shirts, combines, excavators, puzzles, books… they were spoiled! We played Guesstures and some Rook and had a great night.

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