Building Our Forever Home December – Part 11

December 2: Kyle did lots of house errands while Rusty kept working on showers, got tons of things order for house using the cyber Monday deals.

December 3: Kyle continued to hang plastic on the walls

December 4: cedar posts were delivered, painted all the exterior doors black

December 5: Kyle finished painting the doors black

December 6: Went to Des Moines and picked up more tile for shower and backsplash. , laundry room tile, tried to find a hardwood floor

December 9: Drywall was delivered to the house

December 10: Drywall guys arrived and started on the main floor

December 11: Drywallers continued, Kyle and Rusty worked on attic insulation

December 12:Rusty started on the porch roof trusses, Meredith started painting laundry cabinet

December 13: Rusty continued to work on the porch and got the two cedar poles put in

December 14:Kyle made a big Menards run to get the cedar boards for the deck. Kyle and Levi finished insulation in the garage attic.

December 17: Porch frame began and Kyle and Mitchell finished attic insulation above the hosue.

December 18: All handles put into the exterior doors and deck frame completed and started putting top boards on.

December 19: Continued work on the deck, Rusty put in the first garage door, Mudders and Tapers came to work on drywall, I paintined laundry cabinet

December 20 Deck finished!

December 23/24: Mudders and tapers were there and kept things rolling.

December 26: Drywall mudding and taping continued, Kyle did Menards run

December 27: Finished up sanding drywall, Kyle worked on electrical hookups

December 30: Drywall walls and ceiling sprayed texture and ceilings painted and finished!!

December 31: I prepped the house for painting, put in new lightbulbs,started painting the navy stairs wall and started painting Wyatt’s room and walls for stenciling.

January is going to be HUGE and I am ALL for it!! Absolutely can not wait! We are getting so close.



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