Duke – 18 months

We made it to my very favorite age with boy #2! Duke you are an absolute delight and I love you so much, your giggles, ornery smiles, and goofy teeth make my day every day, we can’t believe how much you have changed recently and are SO excited for what’s to come this spring and summer with you.

Sleep: He’s an amazing sleeper and is still barely holding on to two naps a day. He is always very ready for the morning nap and then sometimes doesn’t need an afternoon one but I try to hold him off then he gets cranky and tired in the morning. He is usually ready for bed at 7:30ish and then sleeps from 6:15 anywhere to 7 depending on how tired he is. He wake up every day expecting his “Ba Bum” and cinnamon toat with a spoon. Still takes good car naps for me too which has been a blessing with the house

Eat: Kid will eat everything and anything. He loves applesauce, cottage cheese, cinnamon toast crunch, chicken nuggets, fries, but will seriously try anything except green vegetables. He wants to snack all day long and if wyatt is getting food you bet his little birdy mouth is right there too. A lot better of a drinker than Wyatt espeicailly if it is something with flavor.

Vocab: Wyatt, mama, ball, balloon, boots,apple, cookie, please, thank you **** it has truly exploded this month and we love him saying all kinds of words and becoming a parrot and repeating what we say. He has the best belly laugh over the littliest things and we just love it so much.

I could eat him up he is just the cutest little boy with the biggest smiles, gorgeous brown eyes, great kisses, great hugs, and lots of excitement in his voice. he yells everything so you’d think he is deaf, but no he can hear you whisper do you want candy Duke.

Has to keep up with his brother, doesn’t miss a beat if wyatt gets something he expects it too, got his first pair of boots and thinks hes hot stuff. Quite the climber and dare devil which he shouldn’t be because he falls easily and hurts his head. Loves playing with balls all the time and shooting hoops definitely more than Wyatt but still loves everything about farm equipment and trains. He also screams when his brother touches his toys or has something he wants. he hits and is mean to Wyatt and Wyatt just takes it. Likes to watch Baby Bums. Has to go to the bathroom with Wyatt every time he goes. very observant and can’t get anything past him either. Says hi to everyone at the store, doctor and just loves to be with others running around. loves his juice at church, does great in the nursery but is always ready to leave with mom. Loves going to Crystal’s and is a good boy there for her(I think) Loves kitty Wrenches at the farm and squeals whenever she comes near him, loves his Sargy too but doesn’t really bug him too much. Quite the daddy’s boy these days and rushes him whenever he comes into the room

Had our first every case of a stomach bug with the boys and Duke puked from like 10 AM – 1AM he was upset when he puked but otherwise was so happy and wired. No one else got it thankfully and it really wasn’t too bad at all.

Went and saw doctor Hellbusch and she said he looked great. Weighs **** which was 12%, His head is on the chart now at 96%, Height is *** at 57%


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