Building Our Forever Home – January – Part 12

January 1: I can’t even put in to words how amazing New Years Day was. The ladies in my life gave up their holiday and did SO much for us by completely painting the house in ONE day. I was there at 7:15 getting things started and Heather and Kristin were there right behind me along with Carol. They started on all the white. Cassia and Marla showed up and they worked on gray painting the kitchen and bedrooms and Katie helped them when she got there. Morgan and Natalie worked on the Navy stairs wall and completely dominated it. We got the whole house done by 2ish and it was such a huge weight off my shoulders and it looked fabulous and was a ton of fun! Such a day to remember!


January 2: Rusty started working on the tiled shower

January 3: Rusty started tiling the floor of the shower, Jeff came over and we went over doors and trim. I finished up painting Wyatt’s room


January 4: Kyle got the shiplap up in the pantry, I did a huge Des Moines run for a million things, I stenciled the office and laundry room wall, Kyle put up the lights in the kitchen.


January 6: Kyle and I both had off, Kyle got more light fixtures hung, we finished painting the stairway, kept plugging away on stenciling, picked up appliances, picked out a hardwood floor, painted the pantry, Kyle got Wyatt’s wall done and shiplapped the half bath, I painted front door but didn’t like the color and I’m going to try again. it was a GOOD day


January 7: Kyle put in all the ceiling fans, cleaned the whole main level, got all the cabinets moved over, I started staining Wyatt’s wall and painting the bathroom shiplap


January 9: Kyle and me did the nursery wall (not without some fighting) and Joseph came to put the cabinets in. Kyle went into to work, I continued to do the accent wall painting, did a Menards run, went to countertop place and got that  ready to go.


January 10: Kyle started wiring all the outlets We took the night off for our anniversary


January 11: Kyle kept working away on outlets and Katie and I worked on touching up and trimming paint and working on accent walls.


January 15: Kyle sanded down all the subfloors making a massive mess but had to be done so it was nice and flat for flooring. He also went and picked up the flooring from Bruxvoort’s and we get that all into the house. It looks absolutely phenomenal and we are both so excited about it.


January 16: Kyle had a training and I spent 7 hours vacuuming the whole entire house and cleaning window seals. The countertop guy also came and measured and an assessor showed up to look at the house. When Kyle got there he put in more outlets, put up the sink above the kitchen, and put in more cabinet shelves.

January 20: Kyle and Brian started plugging away on the hardwood floors, we went with a 1/2″ hickory and it looked better than we could have imagined. A lot lighter than the sample and I was just so pumped. They got the hallway and the 50 foot stretch done


January 21: They finished up the kitchen hardwoods and got some more done in the Living room and the master bedroom.

January 23: Brian and Kyle continued on the wood floors and finished them up. Rusty worked on the shower, Me and Kyle worked on the house late and I got a second coat on the pantry, finished up the half bath, and continued painting Duke’s wall.


January 24: Kyle went to Menards and continued working on electrical


January 25: Russ was around working on the shower again, Kyle continued finishing up electrical and put in my double oven and dishwasher.


January 28: It is becoming a lot easier for me to just take the boys to the house and get things done so I moved some stuff into the kitchen and worked on assembling chairs.

January 29: Big day! The countertop people installed my counter and it is absolutely gorgeous with my wood cabinets and floor I can’t get over it. Kyle and Brian put down all the underlayment for all the tiled rooms.


January 30: Kyle and Brian continued to work on tile and got the half bath done and got the boys bathroom upstairs done.

January 31: Upstairs vanity arrived and we got the house picked up a little and all the table chairs ready to go.

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