Building Our Forever Home – February 2020 – Part 13

February 3:

February 4:Worked on the laundry room tile with the herringbone pattern. Brett and Anna stopped by that night to check out the house


February 5: The boys started on the bathroom tile and got the vinyl planks down in the office.


February 6: I did a Menards run to get some things, went to bruxvoorts, Sherwin Williams, worked on outlet covers, stenciled the laundry room, and started sanding the table top. Kyle worked on the hooks ups for the stovetop, the garabage disposal,


February 7: Got the bathroom tile grouted upstairs and the half bath. And finished placing the tile in the master bath

February 8: He got two toilets installs, the half bath vanity and the mirror in the half bath. I got outlet covers on, moved some stuff from 1221. Rob and Leah Bruxvoort stopped by

February 12: Kyle picked up the flooring but they only gave him one box and the other two were broken so we have to wait longer for the closet. Got the laundry room finished though and Kyle worked on all the exterior lighting and outlets.

February 13: Kyle did more plumbing and connecting everything up and finished grouting the tile


February 17: Worked on all the electrical exterior

February 20: I had the day off and got the office herringbone pattern finished, ran a ton of errands,



February 21: Kyle worked on all of the exterior electric and started downstairs. I got two seal layers on the table top.

February 22:  Kyle finished up electrical in the basement, picked up the washer and dryer and installed those, and installed the laundry cabinet along with its handles


February 26: Kyle put up the last light in and hopefully set up electrical inspection. started hanging interior doors.



February 27: Finished hanging all the interior doors, got the upstairs vanity in and did some other finishing up projects.



Please oh please March be the month we move in

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